History & Team

These meetings are a consequence of the reconnection of many of the old school party people through social media.

An online group was created in 2010 and it became clear that there were more than just a few old Zambu souls out there craving for a proper old school gathering.

Eight parties have already taken place under the ZNA motto, and their energy and vibration are still echoing in our hearts and souls.

Along this journey we were guided by our hearts and supported by all our Zambu friends, both on stage and on the dancefloor.

We have had the privilege of hosting many of the best artists in the scene, all of them people we appreciate in an artistic and personal way. For us, it’s about enhancing the energy and vibration of all the participants.

The result is a universal meeting point for old school trance lovers that takes place in the ZNA Gathering every 2 years.

The dancers are the energy; the dancers are the key…

Our crew is a small group of trance heads who have been living and working in this scene for the last 30 years all around the world. We have been at the birth of many parties and festivals across time. It’s in our genes by now, in our ZNA…