Tickets Information

The 2024 pricing is the result of careful thought and learnings from our previous editions, also considering inflation across the board for all resources and services.

Our mindset is to always keep safeguarding the need for financial sustainability and to offer a fair and affordable price, thus assuring that ZNA Gathering remains the independent, underground festival we want it to be.

One of our main directives is to keep growing in quality without the need for a bigger audience – therefore, we will keep the maximum capacity at 5.000 Zambu warriors. We feel this will help us guarantee the special family vibe we have been blessed with during previous editions.

We want to be a good gathering, not a big one.

Here is some of the important data we considered while pricing the tickets for ZNA Gathering 2024.
1. Inflation
We are a bi-annual festival and ticket prices for our previous edition were set in 2019. Our next edition will be in 2024 (5 years apart). During this period all projections show us a 25% increase of the prices of raw materials and services. The impact on our financial commitments is substancial.
2. Cosy Festival – Heavy Production
We aim to deliver a comfortable and high-quality festival experience with visual and deco tailored program that compete with much larger events, in a much smaller scale.
3. ZNA Land & Maintenance
In 2015 we found a paradise we are honored to call our home. We have been blessed to be able to enjoy such a raw and beautiful piece of nature for our delight. But unfortunately we do not own it and there are maintenance and rental costs that grant us the exclusivity of the site and its splendor.
Our home is a raw piece of land which is beautiful but is not suitable or ready to welcome us in its full This means we have an ongoing yearly effort (even though the festival only happens every 2 years), to maintain and prepare the site aligned with the limitations (laws, restrictions etc) that come along with such a protected area.
4. Extended Duration
Our event spans a total of 9 days, from gate opening to close. When you break it down, that’s 27.7€ per day of entertainment, which is a more than fair value for the experience we offer.
5. One of a kind Lineup
We offer you an unprecedented line up. This means more time consuming and more investment has to be made in order to make it reality. We are proud and honored to be a trend setter, we host class A artists and music that most of the festivals don’t, exclusively for our delight.
6. Services
We believe such a festival needs to grant all our supporters several services that aim to guarantee safety, health and comfort. Once again these are services need to compete with much bigger festivals which have much larger budgets and set a high bar.
7. Fair Employment
Working at the ZNA Land is quite The terrain, although beautiful presents particular challenges for working, we have to face high temperatures while conducting heavy work. Relying on volunteers for such a burden is not an option, it’s only fair that the warriors that accept the challenge get a fair financial outcome, plus all the insurance, taxes and shenanigans we have to assume.
8. Growth and Expansion
As you know over the years ZNA Gathering has been growing in quality, which means more ambitious projects. We’ve been increasing and improving and increasing our crew members, services, installations, stages, areas…. Everything in order to offer your a better experience.
9. Licenses and Taxes
For us it is crucial that ZNA Gathering and Zambu Productions are completely legit. This means dedicated professional teams for security, emergencies, environmental plans, several legal licenses, and many many taxes which need to be considered on our budget.

We want you to know that the decision to adjust ticket prices is never taken lightly. Our goal has always been to provide you with an unforgettable experience, and these changes are essential to ensuring the sustainability and quality of our Retro-Futuristic Celebration.

Our priority for the next edition is to keep investing on general comfort, better infra-structures and more mesmerizing art that will boost our experience.

To better suit your needs without having to include 3rd parties such as insurance companies, we’ve kept both ticket options Normal and Premium, and we’ve adapted them so as to offer you more security for your investment.

In order to lighten your purchase impact, we have decided to offer you the chance to split the cost of tickets in two instances.


This is the lowest priced ticket available. This ticket allows you to secure your entrance to the next edition of our ZNA Gathering in 2024. This is a personal, non-transferable ticket, not giving you the right to a refund if you are unable to attend, in the same way that it does not allow you to change the name of its holder.


This ticket was created to allow its holder to refund the price; in case of withdrawal, up to 10th June 2024, or; anytime in case of inability to appear, duly proven at ZNA Gathering 2024.

This option doesn’t involve insurance companies or any other third parties, giving you the right to a refund of the price, minus commissions and the bf (charged by a 3r party which we do not control), to compensate the expenses of the event’s Promoter. The refund will take place within 10 working days. The refunds are made exclusively to the credit card that made the original purchase.

Installment Option

In order to lighten your purchase impact, we have decided to offer you the chance to split the cost of tickets & services in two instances.
First payment is done in the date of purchase and the second occurs 3 months (90 days) later.

This option will be available for your preference until the 31st of January 2024 or until we run out of available tickets.

This edition tickets will be available in one phase only, limited to availability.

ZNA Gathering tickets – are limited to the maximum capacity of the venue, meaning the organisation cannot guarantee their availability at the gate.

In case you decide not to buy online and come without a ticket you will be assuming a big risk. We strongly advise you to check the latest news regarding tickets availability on our website and social media platforms (Facebook & Instagram).

We also invite you to read the Terms & Conditions in order to make your decision with a clear, informed mind.

Any further questions you may have, feel free to reach us through our contact forms.

Be aware that you cannot buy a ticket on auction websites such as Ebay, Olx and all the others. Keep in mind that all tickets are personal and cannot be transferred, which means you cannot change the name on them.

Only premium tickets are refundable.


Children under 13 years of age are granted free entrance to the festival. Still, considering the very loud noise, high temperatures and levels of dust, we advise parents not to bring children under the age of 3.




The ZNA Gathering Bus Ticket assures you:

– A 2-way trip between Lisbon Airport and ZNA land.

– Are among the first to be welcomed at ZNA Land.

– A safe, comfortable ride all the way to the Gathering and back.

– Approximately 3 hours each trip, in the company of a happy Zambu family!

Please be aware that Bus tickets do not include the Entry ticket!




Each Tipi can be rented only for the complete duration of ZNA Gathering 2024. There are several options you may choose from, you just have to check in the chart below the specifications and prices of our Tipis and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Please be aware that Tipi tickets do not include the Entry ticket!

To find out more about the Zambu Tipi Camp follow this link