Dear ZNA Heads,
As we plan and work on our next Celebration, we can’t stop thinking about how special and precious our previous edition was.
As mentioned here before, we feel more and more that it is our duty to protect the authenticity and magical energy we experienced together, aiming for more and even better moments to come, all of this while continuing to improve what we offer. We strive to keep making each ZNA edition better.
Don’t worry, we’ll still keep our maximum capacity at 5000 Zambu Warriors.
This way we ensure the “cozy family feeling” kind of festival we all love, but without compromising its evolution in terms of comfort and the quality of the infrastructures and services we will have at your disposal during the festival.
How will we achieve that?
We have put some serious thought into this matter and we feel we’ve got good strategies that will help us achieve our collective inspiring goals. There will be changes to ticket purchasing:
– 1st and major one: We will offer an exclusive opportunity to everyone who attended our last Gathering. Everyone who had a redeemed ticket on our last edition – ZNA Gathering 2022 (rescheduled from 2021) will get early access to a ticket (well in advance of the regular pre-sale).
We believe this is the best way to show our gratitude to everyone who supported us and who made the last edition so memorable. Best crowd ever!
If you are one of those, make sure you still have access to the email you used at the time you purchased your ZNA Gathering 2022 (rescheduled from 2021) ticket. We will contact you through it with all the information you need.
– We also decided to have just one ticket phase instead of several.
We believe this to be the right decision considering the size and intention behind this event. It will help minimize the compulsive behavior and stress associated with early birds and pending dates, promoting a more mature and thoughtful energy behind the decision of joining our Gathering.
– As everyone is well aware we are seeing disproportionate increases in everything due to inflation,.
We this in mind, we opted to support installment option which will be divided in two payments. One down payment on the purchase date and the other 3 or 4 months later. We believe this will help mitigate the financial impact of the purchase.
FYI – The official ticket sale starts in the beginning of October 2023 and we hope all our dear Zambu Warriors get a chance to secure the opportunity to join us in our unique Retro-Futuristic Bi-annual Celebration.
You are our purpose and inspiration.
We Share ZNA