ZENBUSPACE is the retreat area for all ZNA heads. A space of serenity that will allow everyone to explore and experience unique and powerful therapies and workshops in a safe environment with experienced professionals.

This unique and infamous healing area has undergone such a positive expansion that it has become more of a healing festival that organically merges with the rest of the ZNA. Honoring this expansion we will keep the 3 main areas offering diversity and different healing arts, and at the same time specific activities will take place inside the lake or on the surroundings of the ZenBuSpace retreat.

We will be more selective in integrating the best of every healing system and in this edition our goal is to merge the world’s healing systems in practice, training, discussion and exchange – to provide you with an active glimpse of a possible and more sustainable lifestyle.

In case you are looking for some therapies and personal massages you will be able to find them also inside the ZenBuSpace retreat area. Among many others you can expect: Geothermal (Hot Stone Massage), Ayurvedic, 4 Hand Massage, Massage with crystals, Shiatsu, Thai massage, Tibetan bowl sound massage, Massage for specific problems, Indian head massage / Thai head massage and many more…

ZenbuSpace Lineup

Vinyasa Yoga + Guided Meditation

Adriana Oliveira

Workshops & Talks Tantric Life

Alícia Despertar Holístico

Ancestral Rituals in the Planetary Era

Ana Flor de Lotus

Laugh Yoga & Happy Yoga & Soft Yoga

Ana Sofia Borlinhas


Angelo Surinder

Reconnective Dance


Dance & Constellation Workshop


Hridaya Meditation

Cave of the Heart

Thai Massage Workshop & Talk

Cecile Giovannetti

ConSERt Meditative Experience & Inner Laboratory

Celia Maria Ramos

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage

Elisa Bernardinello

Total awareness in Body & Movement

Emilia Perfeito

Pleasure Yoga

Fie Sommer


Frank Bailey

Butoh Dance Workshop

Grau Torres Alba

Traditional Thai & Deep Tissue Massage

Helder Martins

Ayurveda, Holistic and Naturopathic Therapist

Isabel Holistica

Vinyasa Flow & Yin Yoga Thai Massage

Isabella Falter

Hatha Flow

Jeff Mk Ultra

Kundalini Rise Up & Gong Meditation

Katia Prior

Liquid Asana

Leilani Love

Ayurvedic Relaxation Massage, Chakra Healing Massage With Crystals

Licht Leven

Soundhealing & Breathwork

Luis Breatho

Chakra Dance


Yinyoga and Chakra Meditation

Maura Herzog

Kundalini Yoga

Moabi Atma

Soundhealing & Meditation, TALK

Moundir Zniber

Dance & Constellation Workshop

Orr Guilat

Initiation to Zen Shiatsu Workshop Shiatsu /Tui Na/ Thai Yoga

Pedro Neves

Osho Meditations

Prem Samadhi

Gongbath & Gong Therapy

Rafael Ferreira

Soundhealing on 'Stage'

Rasmus Crab

Concert & Didgeridoo Workshop

Renato Oliveira

Soundjourney’s & Soundhealing Therapy

Ricardo Pinto

Liquid Dance Workshop & Aqua Sessions

Rita Maldonado

Healing Hula Hooping Workshop

Sandra Medina

Sattva Tantric Yoga & Concert

Simon Glöde

Womb Awakening Journey

Susy Nana

Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga

Tomas Mello Breyner

The Healing Voice Awakening

Virgilio Beatriz


Western Riders Collective

Live Music Kirtan

Will Thornton

Hatha Vinyasa Yoga

Xana Dahdal

ZenbuSpace Programs