The Peninsula

The Peninsula our “cherry on top of the cake”. Surrounded by the lake with 200º water views, this breathtaking piece of the ZNA Land is where we host the moment we call Goa Guardians Night, right before it becomes the cockpit where we welcome everyone to explore the chill side of our Goa Psychedelic scene.

Goa Guardians

The Goa Guardians are very special Dj’s from different corners of our psy world.

People who are responsible for collecting, cataloguing, publishing and preserving our Trance music heritage. True guardians, dedicated to keeping the old school Goa tradition alive.

Some of them have fantastic musical collections with versions of tracks which are so rare that even the people who produced them don’t have them anymore.

Stay tuned for the complete line up and program

The Peninsula

After the Goa Guardian Day the stage is exclusively dedicate to psy-chill ambient and downtempo sounds, it invites you to experience softer moments in a cozy psychedelic nest. This area is designed and built with the aim to achieve ultimate comfort and relaxation.

The musical program is designed to meet specific levels of relaxation at specific times of the day, always in tune with the rest of the Gathering.