Music is our language, and even though we are grounded in a strong and powerful concept we also like to fly away from our comfort zone, shake things up and experience new ways of psychedelia.

That’s why we assertively accepted and were pretty excited to give wings to the dream of our dearest friend and artist Alex “Boshke” Tolstey. This space dedicated to different – but always psychedelic – deep, futuristic and retrospective electronic beats will have a go at round II.

By having one of the most professional and passionate men in the scene take control of such a place, magic will surely happen again.

This new spot located in the middle of the flea-market will be known as The Market, and will be opening the portals for all of those untamed zambus that strive to explore new dimensions inside the psychedelic reality.

The line-up and program designed by our alchemist Alex.

The Market Lineup

Boshke Beats_PA

Alex Boshke Tolstey

Alex Boshke Tolstey- the head of eclecto electric psychedelic dance music, when he drops a fusion of beats that is hard to categorize as one style, his eclectic, unpredictable, trippy and spontaneous free style dj sets could be heard almost at every major festival in the world. His versatile selection from disco to techno from house to electro breaks etc, brought him a status of one of the most ahead of time underground record producers and djs out there.
a founder of Boshke Beats Records, Alex executed more than 250 releases and is renowned in the global trance and techno community.

Andrew Till

Andrew Till is known for being an inno- vator. Co founder of the most influential Australian record label Psy-Harmonics, one of the most dedicated and iconic DJ in his country, Andrew runs a strict techno label Machine now and coming to THE MARKET with a deep hypnotic and storming techno set that you better not miss.

Angular Momentum

Music producer and DJ with several releases and tracks on many compilations around the world. The diversity of approaches he presents makes it difficult to define his work in its fullness. This homonymous project explores sound environments with a very own approach to Downtempo and Techno, always with a support in psychedelic sonorities that transport the listener through multiverse musical environments.
Iboga Rec_DK

Michael Banel

The head of Ibogatech - the label that mixes techno with house and spices it with psychedelic minimal hypnotic vibe, Banel is another top level member of our scene and his melodic house progressive funky sets Are always quality and your dancefloor priority.
Horns & Hoofs_ES

Bioterranean live

Solo project of Victor Solsona (Hypnoxock, Green Beats, Dj Victi).
Psychedelic Techno, Techno Trance, Minimal or Acid are the styles that he mixes in a personal style and with personality. Always creating hypnotic and flying music.
Currently established as a Horns & Hoofs Entertainment artist he has released several singles and EPs, and his next work will be his debut album.
Digital Diamonds_PT

Code Therapy

"Straight from Portugal, Code Therapy is here to bring fresh and groovy sounds into your world. Perfectly blending hypnotic melodies with solid beats, this well-known duo from the Iberic Peninsula are experts in transforming their festival experiences into raging studio tracks. Be ready for melodic grooves and shaking baselines progressing you into another dimension"
Der Dritte Raum_DE

Andreas Krüger

When Andreas Krüger recorded a radio play for school, his passion for audio engineering was awakened. He later borrowed a Korg MS-10 from a friend and was so excited he sold his bike and got a Korg Polysix. In the period that followed, his equipment grew steadily and Krüger became the keyboard player in the industrial EBM project "Eiskalte Gaeste".

In 1992, Krüger was influenced by a visit to the Berlin techno club Planet. In the period that followed, under the pseudonym Dr. DNA the album Animalution. In 1994, Krüger met Sven Väth at a party and gave him a demo tape of his project The Third Room. Later the management of Väth's record label Harthouse got in touch and offered him a contract. "Mental Modulator" was released in the same year. At the same time, Andreas Krüger and his co-pilot Ralf Uhrlandt produced the Dr. DNA album Heliomorph on Polytox Records.

The third room became a fixture within the techno scene and the live acts a popular party occasion. After Harthouse went bankrupt, the project went to the Virgin group.

In 2003 Krüger took over his old project Dr. DNA revived and released the album Research and Development.

Dino Psaras_UK

Electric Tango

In the beginning there was a House ... Then came the twisted minds of Electric Tango throwing down deep, dark, dance-floor Disco Jack.
This was the groove that moved the entire underground scene and created a whole new sound. The electronic hustle fills the void between house rooms to ardent techno clubs, sonically translating fluidly into the world's biggest festivals and DJ sets.
Electric Tango continues to evolve and gain new fans and followers every time. Dino is probably the oldest DJ in our scene, top quality groove is something you want to experience at The Market of ZNA.
Iboga Rec_DK


Doesn’t really need an introduction, the head of Iboga records is joining The Market with his current favourite contemporary techno and melodic house records, the groove will be set and the mood will be made, set not to miss!
Saafi Brothers/PsyTechProject_DE

Gabriel Le Mar

Frankfurt based Gabriel Le Mar is a music producer, releasing electronic music with a special
focus on deep sounds and Dub inspired Techno since early 90s.
Techno, Psy Tech, Dance, Electro Trance, Acid, Psychedelic Techno, you name it.
At alternative floors his focus is on energetic Techno and Acid to progressive TechTrance
that can result in a PsyTech meltdown.
Expect deep and soulful performances on the floor as Gabriel connects platforms of Techno
into energetic states, powered with live overdubs, focusing on the aspects of dance.
He is also founder of psydub legends Saafi Brothers and released on labels such as Liquid
Sound Design (L.S.D.), Iboga, BlueRoomReleased, SpiritZone Rec., FAX Rec., Horns and
Hoofs Entertainment, and made remixes for Bob Marley, Youth & Gaudi, X-Dream, KoxBox,
Anne Clark, Pascal Feos, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Suns Of Arqa, Bus by GusTill...
Zenon Rec_PT


A founder of the Fusion Gatherings, having thrown hundreds of events under his belt in his city, Porto, & hosting the "crème de la crème" of Electronic Music Artists, Jaakko is skilled zenonesque techno dj always aiming to the darker side of psytech and techtrance.

James Monro

Our headliner and crowned resident of The Market, who no need an introduction at ZNA, he is a king of what he does, one of the best DJS out there and he is ready to guide you on the dancefloors with his no one knows how long lasting sets, we are giving him a night at The Market and he will deliver his best progressive twisted beats till the late morning, do not miss this! It’s James Monro and its going to be The Party!
Why People Dance_LT


Prodigy DJ from Vilnius, probably the most wanted DJ in his country, his decks skills and selection never disappoint and never repeat itself. A true highlight of DJs of the new generation in Europe, his sets are always versatile and eclectic and you can expect the unexpected as he can drive you through mostly all known genres in a few hours to mark a euphoric deep and powerful dancefloor set. First time in Portugal!
Joti Sidhu_UK


aka Joti Sidhu, has worked alongside such luminaries as Dave Allen (producer of The Cure), Andy Wright (Massive Attack, Eurythmics), Mark "Spike" Stent. The ebb and flow of his electronic career ultimately landed him a spot with Kenny Dope's Dopewax under his Jhothi guise and also sees him as a new signing on Todd Terry's Terminator Records. His productions have graced labels such as XL Recordings, A Concept in Dance, Dragonfly, Perfecto, Atomic, Neurobiotic "Psyche Chaos at the Market '' is his mix he recently recorded for THE MARKET crowd to omen his set and to cheer ZNA people we asked Joti about what he plans to play at the market and he answered: "Something that you can listen to, all those exciting techno and other genres crossovers, it's all just good music with the all good vibes".
Here is his set he recorded specially to greet all The Market crowd.
Intact Instinct/Fusion Festival_DE

Marcus Carp

Drums and Techno, a half of Intact Instinct and founder of Fusion Festival in Germany.Loop enthusiast / filter freak and passionate DJ since early 90s. Marcus is joining The Market with a special and rare to catch set full of tribalism and progressive hypnotic psychedelic grooves.
Acidance Rec_DE

Mark Van Der Vlught

From legendary Atomic records label crew, will be spinning at the market some of his current progressive techno favourites, his taste, selection and dj skills were always on top and we are delighted to have him doing what he beat at our little playground.
Rough & Rush/Gravity Plus/X-Dream

Muller & Maichel

Jan Muller & Marcus Maichel the Coca Cola of psychedelic techno. They are playing their favorite current tunes from deep house to melodic techno, something completely different from their X-DREAM and THE DELTA repertoire, something that you might only hear at THE MARKET while having your trip under the Portuguese sun. They like it slow, sexy and innovative at the same time with the classic signature of their music craft. Not to be missed!
Producer set Iboga Tech Rec_UK


They have been mining for groove off the beaten track, and have discovered a rich vein of trance-inducing psychedelia that draws in influences from techno, trance and elsewhere. At ZNA they will present a DJ set including new material as well as their many recent releases including tracks from their recent album "Deep Flight" on world-renowned Iboga Records.
Flow Rec_PT


With a worldwide dj career, a showcase of four Danceclub Magazine awards, a globally renowned label and events, Pena is one of the leading Portuguese progressive djs. 2022 marks 25 years dj career and 22 years record label. And he is joining The Market with his finest selection of progressive house and melodic psychedelic techno.

Ray Castle

Ray Castle is one of the pioneers of psychedelic goa movement, the real originator and godfather of the party concept, famous anti hero of the movement and a great pusher of the boundaries of our movement.
He will be playing some of his well known subotage disco house with lots of psychedelic crazy vibes out of this reality.
Has had a passionate relationship with music since the late 60s. In the early 70s he played harmonica in blues rock bands, and promoted and organised gigs for new wave/punk bands in the late 70s. He started DJing in the late 70s which was the era of Funk, Ska and Industrial Rock. Later, in '87, he became one of the influential, original DJs of the Goa party scene in India. This was followed by numerous recorded releases and collaborations. He introduced the outdoor dance party concept to Japan in the late 80s and early 90s with the festival organisation Equinox. He was one of the seminal instigators of the Australian trance party scene in the early 90s, 'Trance-Elements', 'Happy Valley', 'Psyharmonics' early 'Earthcore' & Byron Bay 'Beyond The Brain' events.


Formerly known as "DJ Mahasuka" and a member of acts such Intact Instinct, Peak Pilots, Disko Slickers, his techno roots and passion for progressive beats mutated with years into an irresistible mature DJ with lots of passion to please the dancelfoor addicts. His tech house progressive selection is well known and respected at his home-town Hamburg and its our pleasure to have him playing at ZNA after many many years.

Seb G

Dedicated psytech label DJ of Techgnosis Records and organizer of SUTI festival in Portugal, passionate for music and sound exploration Sebastian is giving his psychedelic techno trance set of slower and more hypnotic beats and grooves.


Laszlo Papp is an amazing deck wizard, one of a rare DJ species, his selection, taste, skills and unstoppable energy charged with a true rave spirit of raw furios and mental techno made him one of the leading techno DJs in his home country Hungary, Subotage is frequent headliner at techno parties all over his country and also some international festivals, when he plays Ozora, the dancefloor is always overpacked and people are flying high, we are welcome him to The Market with a great excitement and looking forward for his storming heavy mental set.
Kris Kylven

The Dark Prince

Techno / Electro side project of Kris Kylven
Music Producer , Drummer and Remixer
Pioneer for the past 27 years involved with Juno Reactor / Empirion & more ...
Plays Dark Groove Techno till Dark Melodic techno with a touch of EBM DJ sets
Boshke Beats_PA

Triple Distilled Disco Squad

an alter ego of Alex Boshke Tolstey, when he drops a fusion of electronic dance music that is hard to categorize as one style, his eclectic, unpredictable, trippy and spontaneous free style dj sets could be heard almost at every major festival in the world. His versatile selection from disco to techno from house to electro breaks etc, brought him a status of one of the most ahead of time underground record producers and djs.
Alex recently said about his eclectic sets to DJ Mag Russia:
"Triple Distilled Disco Squad - Its Music for acid wranglers, ecstasy cats, unicorn ravers and electro trance junkies, who love to bathe in the disco rays of techno music from beyond."
"Triple Distilled Disco Squad =E(c)lectro psyche house - when melodic death disco meets heavy mental electro-techno (C)Alex Boshke Tolstey"

Unit Øne

Anton from Tallinn Estonia with his best friends - vinyl records is coming to The Market to share his own vision of atmospheric dubby deep techno.
Passionate vinyl collector and DJ, his taste varies from early analogue techno of 90s to dub techno and atmospheric modern deep techno of nowadays. Anton is professional dj and label manager, who worked with Vertigo and Z-Plane Records and was a booker for a few festivals in Eastern Europe. Underground psychedelic techno for those who like to dive deep.
Digital Structures_IL

Surprise Act

Wanna find out who will it be? Join us at the Market for this massive surprise performance!

The Market Program