Goa Guardians

This is the day you settle in, build your nest and recover from your journey here.

During this “landing” day we’ll all meet at The Peninsula stage, to get the party started through the musical hands of the most fantastic Goa Guardians!

The Goa Guardians are very special DJ’s from different corners of our psy world.

They’re the ones responsible for collecting, cataloging, publishing and preserving our Trance music heritage. True guardians, dedicated to keeping the old-school Goa tradition alive.

Some of them have fantastic musical collections with versions of tracks so rare that even the people who produced them don’t have them anymore.

And because we are celebrating our 10th year as official Zambu Rockers, we decided to dedicate this night exclusively to all the Portuguese DJ’s that shaped and designed the psychedelic trance scene in the 90’s.

Goa Guardians Night Lineup

Hyperflow Records_PT


Known as Mr. Hyperflow, Diogo has been making us dance since the Portuguese trance scene started to take its first steps.
From the great Hipnose Org. and the “familiar” and cosy Stereo Legs Org. parties - that holds great memories from the Portuguese Trance community –, to our beloved ZNA bi-annual gathering, Diogo has been showing us that he is capable of generating the best highlights a dancefloor could ever ask for.

At our next edition you can expect from him a sublime transition from ZNA’s well known old-school goa trance beats to the best retro psy / progressive soundscapes produced in the beginning of the millennium.

Support the artists and their legacy - feel free to check out his work at his media channels



Miguel Ferro is a name that immediately transports us to a time where there were only two major party makers in Portugal. He was the “house card” of Hipnose Org., a label that chose to explore a different side of the psychedelic trance movement.

Back in the days while we were all experiencing the fluffy, fluor, magical, trippy hippie approach of this new scene offered, another party organizer started to provide the trance community with a heavier, industrial, clubbier side of the same spectrum.

This approach brought to life the best acts our trance scene had back then; acts that we always try our best to bring back into our lives on our biannual Gathering.

Besides being an amazing party DJ, Ferro was also one of the first artists to have a show on the radio (VOX), which helped to spread the word out and ultimately evolved what was a small community into the scene we all know nowadays.

Having him on this special night is mandatory - a tribute to both our scene, and to this great artist that helped shaping it, and from all the hours and moments he already left en-graved on our ZNA.

We are truly confident that it will be a very special moment for many of us. Check out and support his work on his artist channel.



Fluxo has been a reference of Goa Psytrance in Portugal since the end of the 90’s. He was the co-founder of the great Quest4Goa label and party production company. They produced more than 60 of the most epic parties our country ever experienced.
Several of these were born from an amazing collaboration with the legendary and beloved Good Mood Org, being included in the Boom team several times as well.
Pedro Matias, besides being one of the most respected Trance DJs in Portugal, co-created the downtempo project called Chilled C’Quence in 2004. During several years they were one of the highlights of the chill-outs in most Portuguese parties. Many years later he funded Exolon as his musical “alter ego”, where he translates all of his emotions and mind-bending creativity into sound and rhythm.
DJ Fluxo is considered by us to be one of the main ingredients that keep the ZNA concept true to its roots. He is a great friend of our team since the early days, and has been sup-porting us since day 1 without even a hint of hesitation. According to him, “this Gathering is the finest one, and one of the best things that happened in the trance scene in the last years”. We surely share his opinion!
We feel honored to have him performing for us once again; his sets are always a break-through experience, specially because he pours all his heart and feelings into his sets - and you can actually feel it! We challenge all of you to experience his vision and dwell on his imagery of psychedelic emotional experience.
DJ Fluxo will unleash a monster DJ that will pick us up through the dawn hours of the party, and keep the high levels of psychedelic momentum with music produced in the be-ginning of the millennium.
A moment you should definitely experience, so come join us on the Goa Guardians dance floor for this unique act.


Another artist that needs to be on this special night - Marcelo was one of the psytrance pioneer DJs in Portugal back in the 90’s. Many of us danced to his music every week at Lisboa Bar, Portugal’s most known indoor place for trance music, where its community could rejoice over their love for the fluor psychedelic movement experienced back then.

We always loved his selection and taste for music. At the time he was one of the best DJs for those intense psychedelic rides where industrial dirty noises meet the minimal side of the psychedelic trance.

Nowadays he still rules those soundscapes, so we can all expect an amazing and intense journey with some of the best tracks produced in the old days by these kind of artists.

We know he will certainly leave a mark on our ZNA dancefloor.

Check out and support his work on his artist channel.

Wirikuta Records_PT


An artist who was born inside the Zambu community decades ago, while psytrance was still taking its first steps here in Portugal.
DJ Migas is one of the minds and muscles who has been with us since the first outbreaks of ZNA, and also a part of the team responsible for its inception. A musical virtuoso who at an early age started to participate in bands as a bassist, in the realms of harder and dark-er rock sub genres. Around 1994 he started looking at DJing and electronic sounds as a way to transmit his singular style, an experimental and unique mental type of dance music, with no boundaries. His eclectic musical taste made him fall in love with psytrance and chill, as he felt that it encompassed all his influences and diverse tastes. Inevitably, he be-came a top DJ and soon after a masterful musical producer.
It was around this time that he helped to give birth to the Good Mood team as an im-portant part of the genesis of the Boom Festival, and he's been a part of our ZNA team and resident DJ even before day one. Always one of the first to arrive on-site and one of the last to leave, a true brother and warrior.
Whether he is DJing or playing live, his impeccable technique and musical direction al-ways stand out and leave their mark.
Do not miss this opportunity - join us on the dancefloor and let's let ourselves get emerged in DJ Migas’ deep night environments, known among dark atmosphere lovers to breakdown human resistance towards insanity on the dancefloor…
Free Flow Movement_PT

Paulo Lopes

DJ Paulo Lopes was born in Portugal and immigrated to France when he was 6, and it was at this age that he lost his sight due to genetic causes. Becoming partially sighted inspired him to pursue his life passion: Music. He studied classical piano until 15, graduated in both Economy and History at Paris VII University., and it was in the end of the 80's that he got caught up in the advent of electronic dance music and the emergent raves, teknivals and parties in France and Northern Europe. Paulo began to get involved with party organizations and was one of the earliest enthusiasts of the Goa Trance scene in Paris back then. In 1992, his musical background, passion and undeniable skills guided him into becoming an electronic music artist, one of the first Portuguese trance DJs to emerge.
His sets back in the Zambu forest are still deeply engraved in our ZNA gene, a music so primeval and pristine that boosted us into hidden dimensions of sound. When listening to this Shaman one can understand the true definition of psychedelia.

At this next Gathering we will, once again, have the opportunity to dive deep into the oceans, run freely in the fields and fly gracefully through the skies of Paulo's worlds, materializing his intention and our desire of world change through dance.
Welcome to the psychedelic universe of Paulo Lopes - come prepared to have your senses expanded up into new levels of perception and reality that you've never experienced before.

Flow Records_PT


Dj Pena is the golden boy from the collective of artists that first rose up on the Portuguese trance scene. From the legendary Good Mood Org parties to his worldwide known label Flow Records, he crossed and explored boarders, musical genres which established himself as one of the most eclectic and trendsetter musicians our scene has to offer.

Even though Pena loves to explore new dimensions he simply could not resist our invitation to craft a very special retrospective musical progressive ride, aimed at taking our Zambu dancers to a state of nostalgia through a surprising experience.

We are confident that all his knowledge, collection and mastery will generate one of those moments - like the one he pulled off, as many might remember, at Boom Festival 2004 -, that will be forever engraved on our ZNA.

Make sure you do not miss this really rare occasion of dancing and experiencing DJ Pena’s psychedelic / progressive trance retro beats.

Check out and support DJ Pena’s work on his artist channels

Cronomi Records_PT


Started DJing Goa Trance in outdoor parties in 1997, and since then she never stopped, having some years more active than others; however since 2012, when Goa Trance started to make its comeback, Psara has been finding herself totally active and in full force, in pursuit of one big mission - to spread Music, Love and Unity on every stage she per-forms. She has a dawn-ish, sunrise feel to her vision, but she is always open to play old (but gold) trance at any hour, following the Goa Trance 'Samay Raga' (time theory).

At ZNA Gathering's next edition she will once again release upon the Goa Guardians dancefloor all her unique and never-ending energy, a power that can take all the psy-goa trance lovers to a higher state of euphoria. Her performances are much more than just re-playing the best music our scene ever crafted - it's a truly full-power dancing sensation experience...

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