Goa Guardians

This is the day you settle in, build your nest and recover from your journey here.

During this “landing” day we’ll all meet at The Peninsula stage, to get the party started through the musical hands of the most fantastic Goa Guardians!

The Goa Guardians are very special DJ’s from different corners of our psy world.

They’re the ones responsible for collecting, cataloging, publishing and preserving our Trance music heritage. True guardians, dedicated to keeping the old-school Goa tradition alive.

Some of them have fantastic musical collections with versions of tracks so rare that even the people who produced them don’t have them anymore.

And because we are celebrating our 10th year as official Zambu Rockers, we decided to dedicate this night exclusively to all the Portuguese DJ’s that shaped and designed the psychedelic trance scene in the 90’s.


Stay tuned for the complete line-up and program!