Zambu Temple

Our dancing ground is located under the cool shade of old pine and cork trees. An area for physical and spiritual sharing, a space dedicated to transcendence, just a few meters from the refreshing waters of the lake, cool in the day and cosy during the night.

The following list of acts are a true materialization of our effort and collective wishes.

We believe it truly represents the golden age of Psy-Trance we all miss and love so much.


Zambu Temple Lineup


Andrew Till

Brother of our dear friend Gus Till - has been managing the label Psy-Harmonics that he co-founded with Ollie Olsen (a.k.a. Shaolin Wooden Men) back in the beginning of the 90's also known for his The Visitors musical project and his dj sets. As a label manager he has been focusing on the experimental, breakbeat and twisted side of the psychedelic goa trance spectrum.

After almost 30 years of scattering his Psy-Harmonic magic all over our scene, Andrew is one of the only wizards that possess the right skills and knowledge to deliver us all with an unprecedented and surprisingly deep musical experience.

For the first time in ZNA history we will have the huge honor of hosting such an amazing artist that's promised to deliver a really funky and twisted psychedelic retrospective ride for all our dear Zambu dancers. Only one question remains - will you be able to handle it?

We hope you do, as we can't wait to share this rare moment with all of you!

Iboga Rec_DK

Banel vs EMOK

Michael Abel-Larsen and Mikael Dahlgaard story goes all the way back to the 90's when their vision and musical taste, merged together with their entrepreneurial skills, took them on a ride that has been lasting for more than 20 years, still shaping the music we love to dance to and feel so deeply about.

After their first encounter with the Zambu crowd in the previous ZNA 2019 edition, they realized how open our family is to their musical suggestions. Even though the world has changed a lot since then, we still believe that the most cherished performances are the ones that bring back the feelings from our past psychedelic experiences, those that we keep deeply engraved on our hearts and memories; this belief we have is something that you only get by experience, and not really by briefings or explanations from others.

We are really excited to be exposed once again to a new "retrogressive" psychedelic ride exclusively designed for us, conducted by the Iboga masterminds known as DJ Banel (who is turning 50 years on the day of his performance) and DJ EMOK (who is also in charge of bringing Banel´s cake).
A moment to be highly expected at a late afternoon session on this beautiful dancefloor we all love and look forward to.

Midijum Rec_DE


While BIM is playing, the dancefloor always becomes packed and dusty, mainly because his timeless musical selection comes straight from his big, emotional heart!
What we love most about this big artist is that when he plays for a crowd like ours, he gives everything he's got. So much so that everytime he finishes his musical ritual, he's left feeling exhausted and drained, just like a true shaman.

DJ BIM will once again give us the immense honor of dancing through his musical repertoire, shaped and designed with one of the biggest music collections that our scene has ever heard of.

There will be no ready-made formulas, no top 10 tracks; instead, he will welcome us to explore a deep, emotional, uplifting trance voyage through the golden years of the melodic progressive psy goa trance music.

We can't wait to share another of his musical journeys with all of you.

Krembo Rec_IL


Two musical veterans from the Goa Psy trance scene that have embraced the huge challenge of sharing the stage for a very special act, designed exclusively for the psychedelic dancing experience we are planning for our next edition, focused on generating those unique retro-futuristic moments we all look forward to.

Amidst the legendary work these two masterminds conjured together there is plenty of amazing music to be explored by all of us. And even though they chose to explore different perspectives of the music scene during their career, at ZNA there will be a special focus on their best - released and unreleased - dancefloor oriented music, crafted in the (g)old days when many of us developed this timeless bond with our scene.

So, for our dear Retro-Futuristic addicts: expect nothing but powerful emotional melodies and epic acid soundscapes from these two psy-maestros. This is another one of those ZNA moments that has all the right pieces to make it unforgettable, and will surely mark its place in the book of psytrance history, along all of those other beautiful moments we have been writing with all of you.

Join us and bring your energy, so that together we can make our collective dream a reality.
Dino Psaras and Steve Ronan, a duo who started performing in the beginning of the 90's under the name Ayahuasca.
Every edition we do our best to bring an artist with the power to revive the psychedelic sounds unleashed in the end of the 90's by the Atomic / Aurinko records family.
Atomic Records as a label, was responsible for designing and releasing a signature music language, explored at the time by the most heavy-weight producers.
Even though most of Cydonia’s material was released by Blue Room Records during the 90's, it was just after they signed under the Atomic Records label in '98 that most of us really started to dive into their work.
And it was as a part of the Atomic Records family that Cydonia blessed us with some of the best transitions yet heard by Man, varying from old school goa trance melodies to an intense industrial psychedelic goa music.
Looking back in retrospect we can safely say that this was one of the first significant evolutions that the psychedelic goa-trance scene went through. During these times some of the most skilled producers and DJ's committed themselves into exploring new horizons within the psychedelic music universe, opening the portals to other psy-dimensions and unexplored realities. Surfing on the quest for these new sensations Cydonia really broke the scale, ultimately shaping such a new and demanding scene.
We'll leave you here with a tasty spoiler - not only will this duo honor us with their Cydonia musical recipes, you can also expect to find in the menu some hidden sweets these guys baked as Ayahuasca, Tripster, Viper and Phreaky...
Make sure you allow yourself to experience such a special occasion.

Blue Room Rec_UK


Is with an enormous sense of pride and accomplishment - we have a green light to include in our next edition's line-up, none other than Cydonia. So, it seems that our next ZNA edition will be blessed with the performance of its original creator
Dino Psaras and Steve Ronan, a duo who started performing in the beginning of the 90's under the name Ayahuasca.
Every edition we do our best to bring an artist with the power to revive the psychedelic sounds unleashed in the end of the 90's by the Atomic / Aurinko records family.
Atomic Records as a label, was responsible for designing and releasing a signature music language, explored at the time by the most heavy-weight producers.
Even though most of Cydonia’s material was released by Blue Room Records during the 90's, it was just after they signed under the Atomic Records label in '98 that most of us really started to dive into their work.
And it was as a part of the Atomic Records family that Cydonia blessed us with some of the best transitions yet heard by Man, varying from old school goa trance melodies to an intense industrial psychedelic goa music.
Looking back in retrospect we can safely say that this was one of the first significant evolutions that the psychedelic goa-trance scene went through. During these times some of the most skilled producers and DJ's committed themselves into exploring new horizons within the psychedelic music universe, opening the portals to other psy-dimensions and unexplored realities. Surfing on the quest for these new sensations Cydonia really broke the scale, ultimately shaping such a new and demanding scene.
We'll leave you here with a tasty spoiler - not only will this duo honor us with their Cydonia musical recipes, you can also expect to find in the menu some hidden sweets these guys baked as Ayahuasca, Tripster, Viper and Phreaky...
Make sure you allow yourself to experience such a special occasion.
Question Mark Records_FR

Deedrah vs Synthetic

Being one of the first french artists in the psytrance scene, he is known as an eclectic explorer that does not let the boundaries of psychedelic reality dictate his art. From Transwave feat. Cristof (Absolum) or The Good, the Bad & the Ugly (with Serge Souque and Dimitri Nakov), to his solo projects as Synthetic and Deedrah (just to to name a few), he has always demonstrated an unnatural creativity to release on the dancefloor his signature vision, originating timeless dancefloor hymns suitable for day and night, creating moments we are so lucky to be able to experience on our favorite barefoot-dancing psychedelic celebrations.

Frédéric enthusiastically agreed to design an exclusive and unique performance for the next ZNA edition, in a producer performance that will bring back to life the music that has been saved only by few of the most known goa guardians of our scene. There he will put up to good use all of his mastery to craft an intense psychedelic journey with retro-futuristic sounds, perfectly tailored for our zambu crowd.

Expect nothing but the best dirty goa / psychedelic notes envisioned by one of the best minds in the scene.

We can't wait to share and experience this exclusive and one-of-a-kind performance - one that's only possible because WE SHARE ZNA.

Atomic Rec_UK

Dino Psaras

An artist that fell in love with the art of mixing and producing acid beats in the late 80's, and after a trip to India in the beginning of the 90's he realized that psytrance was exactly what he was looking for as a deck wizard. Since then, besides his DJ performances he gave birth to various musical projects that have become a part of the psy / goa trance scene history, such as Cydonia - also performing in this edition - with Steve Ronan and Ian Rive, Ayahuasca with Joti Sidhu and Steve Ronan, as well as his solo projects Tortured Brain, and even as Dino Psaras himself.

Many of us still have engraved in our minds his ZNA Gathering 2019 DJ set, and so we decided we should take another ride on his monstrous musical legacy rollercoaster. Those who tried it last time witnessed the dancefloor transforming into a place unsuitable for easy-listeners, a moment that blasted the dancers into an industrial and dirty ride inside the psytrance spectrum. Those who've had the chance to see him in action back in the days know how authentic and intense his psychedelic trips were, branding our night experiences into our memories for the years to come.

Embrace yourselves, as this will surely be another mind-opening and powerful journey in our retro-futuristic funfair. Take our word for it - you really don't want to miss THIS ride.

Flying Rhino Rec_AU


Gus has been active as a musician, producer and DJ for most of his life. Originally from Melbourne Australia, Gus shifted between Paris, New York and London, becoming a part of the burgeoning trance scene, working for all the labels involved at the time and becoming the in-house engineer at Youth's Butterfly Studios and Dragonfly Records.
Not only that, he also joined the legendary Slinky Wizard and became an in-house engineer/producer for Flying Rhino Records, releasing some projects under his own name like BUS, Stoop & Fidget and the incredible Zen Lemonade.

To the most avid Zambus out there, many of you might remember the epic morning performance from Slinky Wizard (with Gus Till & Ronnie Biggs) in our ZNA land back in 2015, as well as the Gus Till Flying Rhino DJ Set that spun at the beginning of that same night.

This time for his second appearance we can expect a full-blown, 3 hour ride that will take us deep inside Gus' world; this master will reveal to us a musical journey through his own Ozzy signature music, solely with exclusive tracks from the legacy he created. Expect nothing but an incredible and perfect mix between the minimal and progressive trance, mixed together with the deep and not-so-obvious side of the old-school Goa trance he is well known for.
As you can imagine this is going to be yet another unique and rare performance, not to be missed at our next Retro-Futuristic celebration - we can't wait to share with you all what is certainly going to be one of the most memorable acts ever at our gathering!

Aurinko Rec_FR

Holeg vs Spies

An artist that has been exploring and shaping his own - and ours -
psychedelic reality since the 90's.

This musical maestro will be the one to welcome us into the night hours
of the party. A fine blend, if you will, of industrial environments,
techno formulas and his cinematography soundscape, all within the
magical world of psychedelic goa trance.

Your brains will be *nicely* tortured for endless hours on end, while
Holeg takes control of our retro-futuristic mothership, bringing a
gentle chaos into our lives.
He will melt in his performance all that magical mayhem, manufactured
while at the legendary Aurinko Records, but also his weird side, coming
from the experimental psychedelic experiences he so outstandingly
explored back in the days.

Catch you on the Spice side.

YoYo Records_ISR


Finally the almighty project from Israel known since the late 90´s as Infected Mushroom will perform on our sacred retro futuristic ground.
This duo needs no introduction. Infected Mushroom is considered by the industry as a class A act in the electronic music scene, carving their own path which brought them a huge amount of success and a ton of worldwide recognition. Although many of us may feel that their unparalleled mastery and production quality has been shifting away and somehow diverging from its initial psytrance genre, we know that they still - and certainly will always - have a very special place in their hearts for the scene that they helped shape decades ago.

We believed that there is no better place to experience their act than ZNA Gathering. Why? Because we will be granted a tailored performance by these guys like they have never done before. At ZNA they will unleash all the raw and classic infected melodies crafted in their younger years, which will surely uplift our dancefloor to a higher level of psychedelia.
We hope you will get excited by this special gift as much as we were, when we realized this group was looking forward to conduct such a unique psy-experience, specially designed for the Zambu crowd.

Liquid Audio Soundz_DE


An act that, back in the days, made our soul shiver every time during our favorite dancing psychedelic experiences at the obscure hours of the night.

Their music is most definitely not suitable for the fragile minds, but perfect for everyone else that aims for the most intense, dirty, heavy, industrial side of the psychedelic trance spectrum.

After a decade without performing, the trio known as Intact Instinct or Peak Pilots has accepted the challenge to perform, for the first time and exclusively in tune with our vision, a massive retrospective set that will make many heads spin at our ZNA dancefloor.

You can expect nothing but an intense, minimal, dirty AND LOUD experience taken from the sounds this group created back in the days as Intact Instinct / Peak Pilots.

Dare yourself to explore your most raw feelings while they Access All Areas from our deepest selves.

Phantasm Records_UK

John Ford

This man has single-handedly been collecting, preserving and spreading goa psytrance music since the beginning of the 90's - can you imagine the musical treasures he hides under his belt? Having been exposed to so many artists and tons of music, he is without doubt one of the few still active DJs with an incredible amount of material perfectly in tune with our special gatering.

We can then expect nothing but the most intense, nostalgic and psychedelic ride, with his vast musical catalogue painted with decades of mixing experience.

We can't wait to witness where he will take our beautiful dancefloor during the three hours he has under his control. That will be a moment with all the right ingredients to be engraved on the history of our unique celebration.

Blue Room Records_UK

Juno Reactor

From Baga Beach to Hollywood, going through all the best trance festivals and parties, Juno Reactor musical and visual train has marked the landscape of our scene. Who can ever forget the first time they heard Juno's music? Or the first time they saw and heard the sword fighting scene of the "Animatrix" movie? Or Zion's party in "The Matrix reloaded"?? Absolutely amazing...
Ben Watkins has been performing alone and with other musical geniuses such as Johann Bley, Mike Maguire, Stephane Holweck, Paul Jackson, and more recently with our dear friend Kris Kylven from UX.

Juno Reactor has been doing an amazing job by constantly changing his performances since this musical project was created back in 1990. You can actually feel all the inputs, mindset and musical language evolving as the band evolved towards different live performances. But there is one thing that stayed immaculate during all these years: Ben's vision and mastery in delivering many of the most timeless tunes this scene has ever witnessed.

Having Ben performing for ZNA Gathering for the 2nd time is nothing but an honor. His previous ZNA performance put him in total sync with our vision, meaning that he will be even more focused in building a journey to the roots of his groundbreaking work - one of the most valuable legacies in the trance scene. This will be another one-of-a-kind performance that will balance between tribal soundscapes and his unique Goa Trance beats.

So let's enjoy, open our hearts and let out our best vibes - the shaman Juno Reactor is going to guide us on one of the biggest musical trips our scene can get us high on.

TIP Records_UK

Laughing Buddha

Once the alias from the Cosmosis duo when using their tracks specifically for TIP World Records, Laughing Buddha shortly became the solo project of Jeremy Van Kepsen, who has been conducting his signature music since the early 90's for our delight.

The only question that keeps hitting our minds is - how can this be the very first time this guy his performing at our retro-futuristic celebration?? Well, one thing is guaranteed: we will now have the honor of dancing to his best music. Being active for the past 25 years, he will put all of his skills and expertise in action at ZNA's next edition, unleashing all the music he designed and co-designed back in the days to make us float into his psychedelic Laughing Goa Trance dimension.

An experience we never had before, and that we will certainly do everything in our power to not miss - crossing the Buddha journey with you is everything we could ever wish for!

See you all there!

DragonFly Rec_UK

Man With No Name

Man With No Name is such a gem… And his performances at ZNA become the moment where the dancefloor share the ultimate epiphany. When we are all connected by the same feeling. It´s exactly what we wanted to bring back to our lives. Something that got lost but never forgotten and at ZNA we have been blessed to able to revive this again.

The Man himself, felt an incredible energy and connection to the ZNA crowd. He confessed our Gatherings has been one of the most remarkable experiences he ever had.

Well, the dancefloor is still applauding him for his performance, and we know his music, energy and talent need to be there for all us. We deserve it and so does he.

So, make sure you don´t miss his 2-hour live set, exclusively tailored to our delight.
As you might recall we can all expect his timeless classics and some few rare gems he keeps in private stash to use only in special moments like these.

So, get ready to be amazed to the most euphoric dancing experience our Gathering could possible offer.

Atomic Records_DE


The name Mark Van der Vlugt was always a guarantee of exclusively intense quality. Every time one of us saw him on a line-up, we knew we were about to experience a massive psychedelic ride where industrial soundscapes met the heavy environment that the best tech and psychedelic trance producers where crafting, with the support of magnificent and legendary labels such as Aurinko or Atomic records. These guys had a special type of knack for producing such crazy music.
This even increased the scene's expectations regarding how distant and deep psychedelic music can take you. They were certainly responsible for many of our best and craziest moments on the dancefloor. And as you know, this is exactly what drives us... bringing back such nostalgic moments into our lives is what makes the ZNA Gathering so unique and special.
So, it is with a huge honour that we have Marc Van Der Vlugt accept our invitation. Especially because his life and choices drifted him away from the psychedelic stages, long ago.
But from what we feel, this time he is going to be different. He was really happy with our invitation and decided that ZNA Gathering 2021 was going to be the perfect time and place to unleash all his mastery.
We know for a fact that he is already preparing for us a musical journey using all his rare and priceless psychedelic trance collection that he kept intact since his glory days - we even risk stating, as a result from our conversations, that we might even listen to tracks, or versions of tracks that most of us never heard before. Music that back in the days was made exclusive for artists like him to perform, without a label or distributors' industry.
Well one thing is for granted - this will certainly be a genuine monster performance that will hit many of us by surprise. Another one of those moments that are only possible to experience at ZNA Gathering.
Phantasm Rec_UK


That's right!! It was about time to host Mark Dressler aka Nervasystem. Known throughout the scene for his immensely psychedelic, intense musical approach which “messes” with our minds and brittle sanity.

How he will do that, you may ask.

Well, he will use almost 3 decades of experience exploring the edges of psychedelic realms which granted him the proper skills and tools to surprise us even if you think otherwise. Specially when you realize most of his material crafted decades ago are gonna hit you as a surprise.

Why, you would ask.

Because this performance is being carefully planned to happen after your longer than recommended exposure to the best and strongest musical psychedelic alchemists doses of psychedelic dementia. The moments when you find yourself vulnerable and exposed to the deck wizard’s mastery and in witch the only tiny strings keeping you from losing control are those familiar melodies and beats. Once your mind is taken away from your physical surroundings, you start connecting with your unknown deep “nervasystem”. This connection allows you to experience true psychedelic through music without any expectations or screenplays to follow.

We can't wait to share this unpredictable intense ride with all of you!!

Spiral Trax Records_SE


As many of you already know, everytime night falls at the ZNA Gathering dancefloor, lighter melodies fade away and music gets deeper and darker, making place for a perfect atmosphere for us to connect with ourselves and explore our most profound thoughts.

This introspective reality acts as a cleansing ritual that lets us play with our dark sides and release all the bad energies, making each music a unique and personal psychedelic trip. It's during these challenging moments that the most skilled producers are able to show how slow-paced music can become so powerful and loud, reverberating in your whole body and soul.

Wanting to give us the best edition so far we've invited one of the finest Maestros of the scene, directly from the headquarters of the legendary Spiral Trax Records (when it was conducted by our dear friend and Maestro Dj Anti) considered as one of the biggest Swedish musicians within this style. An artist with a legacy that makes us shiver everytime we are exposed to it.

Magnus Andersson, a.k.a. NOMA, re-enforced the paradigm of Psychedelic trance by the end of the 90´s by turning it upside-down and exploring a new deep and hypnotic side of music, as if in contrast with the uplifting melodic approach so common until that time.

At ZNA you can expect from Magnus himself a specially tailored 2 hours Producer Set, a dark ride that will take us on a exploration through the realms of psychedelia packed with the some of the most awesome monster tracks ever created by this man.
Join us during this exclusive appearance and get prepared to go Noma deep. We know we will.

Completely Cabbaged Records_UK


For the second time in ZNA history we welcome the great OOOD (a.k.a. Out Of Our Depth) to join our next line-up. OOOD is a eight-hands psy-electronic and trance live act, production team and DJ collective born in Bristol UK in 1994. They are true pioneers of the Goa / Psy trance sound with an eclectic output, spanning and melting many electronic genres with an emphasis on dancefloor-friendly beats of all kinds. This type of open artistic vision resonates with the ethos of our ZNA.

Their stunning live show includes live drums / percussion, guitar and keyboards, and is guaranteed to be a super intense moment on stage - and even more on ZNA dancefloor! OOOD have been surfing their creative wave for 20 years now and their mission has always been to have a good time, spread some joy and write the best tunes they can.

This time they will bless us with the music they crafted so well back in the golden days of the goa psychedelic trance, so get ready for a ground-pounder, dust-lifting OOOD performance that will certainly make a mark on our afternoon Goa Trance melodic sessions.

Another piece that fits in our unique ZNA puzzle, falling just in the right place...

Matsuri Records_UK

PRANA (Full Band show)

Tsuyoshi Suzuki, Nick Taylor and Andy Guthrie accepted our aspiring wish, and it's with a proud heart that we succeeded in joining these three deck wizards on the same stage for the 2nd time ever in the history of this project.
Our dancefloor will surely be ignited by the experience and legacy these artists co-created when they shared the same city back in the 90's. We all remember these trance heads that were thought to be quite ambitious producers with way too complex music, which gave them an underrated recognition, and consequentially made them not experience their best as they certainly could.

However, one thing that psychedelic trance evolution showed us is that Prana were nothing more than a project ahead of their time, a trio of musical geniuses that chose to explore the psychedelic trance without limitations and formulas. Their musical approach, instead of many others back then, offered new dimensions and top quality to the growing trance scene. They had the vision to go further, even when most didn't see it that way.

With all the musical projects that we have been exposed over the years, the ones that come as a breakthrough are the ones that relate to us, that mean something to us, whether if it's of our taste or not. And this dream team's musical legacy is one of those cases that will surely leave a strong impression in all of us.
So prepare yourselves for this special appearance and don't be mistaken... this is going to be a genuine goa psy trance hymn without precedents. A moment that will be engraved on our souls for the years to come...

Atomic Rec_UK


Once again ZNA is the chosen place for total psychedelic chaos. But this time our good friend and artist Joti Sidhu, who has been shaping the psychedelic trance scene since the early 90's, decided this next edition will be the moment for significantly increasing the standards of his performance by mixing things up a bit. How will he do that, you might ask? The answer is simple - he will unleash, for the first time in his career, ALL of his music legacy solely for the sake of the dancefloor and nothing else...

So you have an idea of the effort and dedication, this is a work Joti started doing in the beginning of 2020, right after a brainstorming we had for his next ZNA performance...

The reason he has never done this before is because, until now, he felt that the music he designed in the 90's would not match smoothly with the music he crafted later on in the beginning of the millennium; back then music was being pushed to new boundaries, ultimately evolving into what most of us know as FULL-ON.

As you can imagine such fusion is not an easy feat to accomplish, specially considering his (and ours) high standards. Joti had to travel back in time to re-arrange all the music he crafted in those days, to bring back into the future the best present we could receive - the most beautifully chaotic retro-futuristic experience our dancefloor as ever witnessed at his hands. A happening that will surely leave all Zambus exposed to New Sensations.

We can't wait for this unique ZNA performance.

Suntrip Rec_NO


An artist known for generating the best feelings on the dancefloor. An artist that will certainly make you eager to share the dancefloor again with all of your Zambu family.

His name is Lars Lind, the man that has been crafting the finest Norwegian psychedelic Goa trance for years now; and this time he will join us on the ZNA mainfloor with his epic project, founded in the 90's together with his partner Christer Borge-Lunde, known as RA.

We are already envisioning the experience of being engulfed by their dreamy, floaty viking melodies in a late afternoon psychedelic goa trance session, and we know without a doubt that it will be one of those special moments that all the dancefloor warriors will never forget.

May this year go as fast as possible, as we NEED to dance with all of you to the music we love so much!

Matsuri Production_AU

Ray Castle vs Nick Taylor

Throughout the years, a selective group of few artists have managed to elevate their names as absolute trance legends, known and heard by almost everyone. From this group, some are so special and rare that only the nerdiest trance heads and real insiders know them, and even only a few ever got the chance to hear them play live. They are basically living myths, a reference to our scene of psychedelic delight...

These two men we're surely fall into this category; you have to know the trance history to understand their importance, and understanding their importance is basically knowing trance history in itself.

Having Ray Castle on our stage once again is nothing but a true honor. An unprecedented artist who experienced and contributed to the evolution of our scene since day one, hanging among the freaks and free spirits at the shores of the white sandy beaches in Goa back in the 80's and 90's.

A true traveler, this Kiwi artist grew all of his experiences and beliefs while living in Japan and Australia. There he created several projects such as Masaray, together with DJ MASA, and Rhythmystec with Nick Taylor from Prana and Taiyo. Many of you must certainly remember the epic and unique Masaray VS DJ performance at the last ZNA edition.

This time, Castle chose to share the stage with his Rhythmystec mate Nick Taylor also known as Snake Thing, promising us a pure trip into their own psychedelic reality. After this moment, you will be among the few lucky ones that can can claim they've had the privilege to witness their art.

All that we at the ZNA headquarters wish is to empower trance culture in the present to assure its future. We, the trance people - and most certainly our Zambu family - are a very special tribe, with its heroes and shamans, its legends and its rituals; as such, our aim with every edition is to create line-ups that promote and highlight the historical side of our scene, to spread our ZNA gene and keep the roots of our culture alive.

We invite everyone to join us in this historical moment, not only of ZNA Gathering but also of our trance scene as well.

Matsuri Rec_IL


He's one of first artists from Israel to successfully explore the intense side of the psychedelic reality of music, often adding slight drops of humor in his performances that invoke a funny demented dancing experience, only thanks to his unique signature.

Isaac Levi, a.k.a. Sandman / Witchcraft / Green House Effect, accepted the challenge to return to our retro-futuristic gathering after almost 10 years since his last performance for the Zambu Rockers. After being one of the highlights of the ZNA Gathering 2013 experience we were left with a huge desire to host him again.

At the next ZNA edition you can expect a tailored performance warp up with his best tracks released and unreleased crafted back in the days aiming to take the ZNA ship to his own deviant retro-futuristic reality.

We share ZNA

DAT Universe_CA


He is one of the few living psy trance walking libraries, storing in his
back shelves an incredible musical collection that make him one of the
most prominent Goa Guardians of our Psychedelic trance legacy.

Decades of dedication and mastery combined with a unique personality
make him one of the masters with the rarest goa trance music around the

Together with several other music addicts, Mark Ainley a.k.a. DJ
Solitare studied, searched, found and stored thousands of musical gems
that eventually got lost in the wormholes of our reality. Even music
that many of the original producers thought was lost forever.

Luckily for us we will have yet another opportunity to dance to his
unique and rare old-school goa psy trance repertoire, during our ZNA
late morning sessions.

A moment that will certainly fulfill not only the hearts of the Psy Goa
Trance geeks but also the hearts of the dancefloor enthusiasts that like
their musical journeys to be designed with a meaning.

A moment not to be missed at the next ZNA celebration.

Dat Universe_GR


This sound geek has been devoting his life in taking us all into mysterious, unknown territories, whose doors only he has the keys and knowledge to unlock.

If you are a true psychedelic goa trance aficionados like us, then this is the guy you want to listen to - among many other reasons, the biggest lies in his insane addiction to unreleased, rare, and many times unheard of, music tracks, that makes his collection and sets really unique. Combine that with his decades of DJing experience, and you'll get some of the best performances you can witness in your life.

This time he will be taking the huge task of controlling our mainfloor ship by doing what he does best. Embrace yourselves, as we'll take off into the realms of a psychedelic dimension never before heard by any Zambu.

Liquid Audio Sounds_NL


Jeroen Van Garling, known in the scene as the musical producer behind Synchro Three-State Logic or Z To A, was finally spotted by our psychedelic all-seeing-eye, and for our huge surprise accepted our invitation to bring back to life his signature vision and excellent mastery at our next ZNA celebration.

Jeroen is one of those great artists whose priorities and choices opened a different path in his life, taking him away from our beloved scene.
Even though we feel his absence was a significant loss to the evolution of our music, we know that the trance flame still burns strong inside his heart - and him accepting our invitation is proof of that! We could not be more excited, and proud, to provide this rare experience, especially knowing that his music and performance will be highly appreciated by all our most dedicated supporters.

Join us at ZNA's next edition in this ride through the memory lane, a one-of-a-kind music legacy that will make us fly between deep minimal psychedelic soundscapes and the funky breakbeat Goa Trance side of Synchro's golden days.

Flying Rhino Rec_UK


The almighty James Monro together with his mate Matt Evans are the masterminds behind Technossomy, and as some of you probably remember, their performance on ZNA Gathering 2015 was one of the highlights of that edition.
The Technossomy project started back in 1992, under the great Flying Rhino record label. Their music was always characterized for being unique and mind-blowing, providing since its conception some of the most memorable moments in our psy-dancing experiences. Since we experienced their live performance, back in the days, at a party in Cascais we immediately become their number one fans.
And even though their lives took different directions they still strive to celebrate their mutual past and all their musical legacy exclusively at our biannual Retro Futuristic Celebration.
For us it is such a pleasure and a huge honor to hear and experience these guys' psychedelic visions that it was only natural to have them again with us in 2021, in what is expected to be the year of cultural renaissance following the 2020 artistic hiatus. These two psychedelic veterans are promised to unleash an exclusive performance that will be engraved - once again - on our ZNA chronicles.
Remembering all the Zambu family celebrating together is, for both us and the artists, a truly special moment that we deeply cherish; and knowing it will happen in our magical sacred land once again is a win-win combination that we are certain will fill our hearts for the years to come.
Psy-Harmonics Records_FI


A name that is a synonym of "trance-made-in-Finland", aka Soumisound.

Since the mid 90's that Texas Faggott have been pushing the boundaries of crazy psychedelia with a an amazing demented sense of humor. Their music can be best described as an apogee of layers, melodies and base variations.

Keep in mind that their energy is not suitable for lightweight dancefloor warriors - Texas Faggott will surely test your sanity and unleash a true explosion of colors during the darkest hours of the night, like many are not used to. At first you will be engulfed by a sea of unorthodox stimulus, but if you allow yourself to go deeper down the rabbit hole you will be able to feel how hilarious, twisted and profound their music really is.

Their performances are quite rare nowadays, but impossible is nothing at our Retro-Futuristic celebrations; so, on our next edition, we are promised to have a suomi ride down the memory lane of their "Psy-Harmonics early Exogenic years" - which means, in other words, that reality as we know it is going to get deeply distorted.

Will you dare? We most certainly will.

Matsuri Digital_JP

Tsuyoshi Suzuki

Being involved in multiple projects such as Prana (earlier known as Taiyo), Return to the Source and the amazing Matsuri Records (reopened and rebranded as Matsuri Digital), Tsuyoshi is held responsible for being one of the biggest sculptors of the psychedelic trance music and culture.
His musical journeys were known back in the days as true milestone sets where the audience was always taken by surprise with his crazy mix of different styles and sounds. Always with the aim of guiding the dancefloor and its dancers into an epic psychedelic experience, he managed to elevate every single of his performances into unique legends, specially after he started to develop his artistic side on other musical genres that diverted him from the psychedelic trance scene for almost a decade.

His performance at the previous ZNA edition was a hymen to our retro-futuristic concept, and this time will be no different. Expect nothing but the best from one of the best artists our scene has ever had the pleasure to listen and dance to.

See you there!

Transient Records_FR

UX vs Slide

A performance that combines the best music produced by UX and Slide.

Our good friend and retro-futuristic supporter Kris Kylven aka UX / Syb Unity Nettwerk / Element Over Nature (to name a few) got the rights from Pete Martin aka Slide (or UX co-founder) to design this unique and amazing act - as Kylven was involved back in the days in many of Slide's tracks, although uncredited -, which will be exclusively presented at ZNA Gathering's next edition.

This means you can expect a deep journey through the vast musical catalogue of UX and Slide! But there's more - since we were forced to postpone our gathering to next year, we now have a slight chance of Kylven bringing some company onto our retro-futuristic stage... by none other than Pete himself.

This will most certainly be a heavy massive psychedelic transition from the darker hours to the enlightenment of the sunrise! Music suitable to re-awake our ZNA, don't you think?

Twisted Records_UK

Younger Brother vs Prometheus

A heavyweight from the legendary Twisted Records. An Unusual Suspect that has been crafting and designing the most distinguished psychedelic pieces our scene has ever witnessed, without being over-explored.

One of the reasons our scene has not been having the opportunity to experience his performances as so desired is because his professional life balances between his musical career and his (very successful) entrepreneurial adventures in England; the latter brings upon him a lot of responsibility and time-consuming work, which ultimately forces this musical mastermind to choose very carefully his current gigs.

Surprisingly enough ZNA Gathering's reputation among the founding community of our scene precedes us, and it is with great pride and joy that we have made it possible to grant such a special and unique moment for all of our Zambu family.

If you - like us - are yearning for some of the best music designed by one of the most brilliant minds of our scene, then you can't miss next ZNA edition's performance of Benji Vaughan, a.k.a. Prometheus, also known for his almighty-experimental-downtempo-breakbeat-psychedelic project Younger Brother (crafted in duo with his label mate and artist Simon Posford). This will be an exclusively tailored, 3 hours Twisted Producer Set without precedents - the perfect opportunity to reach deeper down the rabbit hole than you ever imagined possible.

We can't wait to share this unique moment with all of you.

Tunnel Records_DE


An act that has been shaping the psytrance scene since the beginning of the 90's. An act that does not need any introduction, and that is dearly loved by most of the psyheads around the world.

With an outstanding 3 decades of history, Marcus and Jan are an absolute favorite everytime we search for the ultimate psychedelic wave. want to be expose to the best our scene has to offer.

Even though they are most known for their industrial dirty techno psytrance approach, at the next ZNA edition they'll reveal a side of theirs that nowadays they don't usually let out, which in our opinion it's their best side.

This means that the X-Dream crew will bring us an exclusive performance designed exclusively for our late morning rituals, packed by immersive soundscapes crafted in the Tunnel Records days, filled with layers and dreamy Goa Trance melodies that will transport us back in time.

We can't wait to share this eXtra-DREAMy performance with all of you.

Koyote Rec_DE


If you had the chance to experience Xenomorph's performances at the last ZNA Gathering editions, you already know his ability to create the most terrifying and majestic dark-psy environment you can experience at a psy trance celebration.

We know many of you loved to experience his exclusive performances at our Gathering; he also loves to come and loves our dancefloor. In fact, Mark has been accepting to perform his Xenomorph project only at ZNA Gathering, as he has walked away from stages and has been focusing himself in his own music and production inside the studio.

The psy veteran Mark Petrick is considered by many as the father of horror / dark-trance, a unique and unprecedented style that was branded in his tracks like "Obscure Spectre", in 1996.

His live sets are considered by many dancefloor dwellers as the most extreme psy-experience anyone could have at a party, and only a few producers were ever able to achieve such a twisted musical environment. It's not Heavy Metal, it's Heavy Mental! - and we love it!!!

This will be the moment to let yourself go and fall into Xenomorph's strong, powerful arms - his creative embrace, dark as it may be, will cradle you in an elegant fine balance between beauty and bestiality... transporting you to the Limbo between his most dark dreams and psychedelic nightmares.

We are both horrified and delighted to live this extended and rare experience with you once again!

Hom-Mega Records_IL


An artist that has been exploring the psychedelic and electronic scene since the end of the 90's is coming to our retro-futuristic celebration for the first time to make us "dance like no one is watching".

We are huge fans of his early work, and that's exactly what he's going to offer us - a performance fulfilled with those late morning Goa melodies we all seek after the intense psychedelic notes felt during the night. It will be a moment where simplicity will hit us on the dancefloor and makes us realize how special trance music can be, with that unique power to lift us up and to put that smile in our faces; that's even more true specially while listening to the sounds from the legendary Phonokol and Hom-Mega. There was a time when these melodies were mandatory on all the major psytrance parties in the world, and without them the meaning of morning trance would not have the same impact. It's a huge honor for us to bring back these feelings into our lives, and we're positive it will leave on you the same mark he left on us back in those golden days.

A unique, tailored performance that can be only experienced at a celebration like ours!

Psy Harmonics Records_AU


As you might have already realized we love to bring artists who have never performed at ZNA land before, but one note is essential in order to play on our sacred grounds: all artists must intone quality and authenticity built by decades of experience, that have ultimately shaped them into becoming unique creators of epic musical journeys that most of us know so well and love so much.
For one of these unique ZNA voyages we will have Steve "Aussie" Law, behind Zen Paradox musical project, as the main pilot of our mothership. Once Steve takes full control of our cockpit he will take us on a trip beyond the clouds that's promising to be a deeply melodic and dreamyone. His 90's musical legacy, crafted in a "protogoa" era when music was made without the idea of psychedelic trance we know nowadays, will take us through multiverse dimensions where techno musical formulas and psychedelic dreamy melodies are the main molecular components.
Spun Rec_NL


"Have you ever had that feeling where you are not sure if you are awake or still dreaming? Yeah! All the time!!" So, there's no better way of going through that lucid dream of (y)ours than at the sound of Zorba at ZNA's next edition.

That's right, we will have the honor to host once again the music crafted by those that were known in the 90's as the "little young boys from the Netherlands". These prodigy sound designers started to shake the psychedelic parties with their signature sound in the early steps of the trance scene, providing some of the most wanted experiences true dancers were seeking for.

As some might remember, their previous ZNA Gathering performance was focused on reviving the music they crafted back in the 90's and beginning of the millennium, tailored for the most intense peak hours of the party. On this next ZNA edition, the challenge has changed a bit, reminiscing the groovy and slower kind of music that the boys designed back in the days.

This means that Riktam will drive us through the best groovy melodic music he designed along with Bansi as Growling Mad Scientists or all the other projects they gave life since the 90´s. Music that will embrace our retro-futuristic dancefloor with a warm sensation of good ol' memories that'll bring up smiles and boost our mind and body with the energy they need during the hottest sunny hours of the day.

We are really excited to listen and live once again the best psychedelic growling our scene has to give - exactly what the ZNA within us needs after such a long festival hiatus during these past couple of years.

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