Closing Party

After an intense retro-psychedelic exposure you might find yourself merging into that magical state in which you feel exhausted but at the same time renewed, ready to accept a new state of consciousness, full of clarity and focus. Focus on the “we” instead of the “me”.

So, as the true party animals that we are, we’d like to challenge you to celebrate one extra night/day exclusively surrounded by new school Goa Psy Trance soundscapes with an open mindset intended on sharing amazing feelings of euphoria, togetherness and pure happiness.

If you are a part of the resistant ones, that choose to stay with us until the very end, you can expect several performances from the best producers and DJ’s of today’s Goa Trance scene.

When? Right after the final mainstage act… until our ZNA gets completely filled with Music and Love, for the next Gathering to come.

Why? Because you deserve it, and because we can!!


Stay tuned for more updates