Closing Party

After an intense retro-psychedelic exposure you might find yourself merging into that magical state in which you feel exhausted but at the same time renewed, ready to accept a new state of consciousness, full of clarity and focus. Focus on the “we” instead of the “me”.

So, as the true party animals that we are, we’d like to challenge you to celebrate one extra night/day exclusively surrounded by new school Goa Psy Trance soundscapes with an open mindset intended on sharing amazing feelings of euphoria, togetherness and pure happiness.

If you are a part of the resistant ones, that choose to stay with us until the very end, you can expect several performances from the best producers and DJ’s of today’s Goa Trance scene.

When? Right after the final mainstage act… until our ZNA gets completely filled with Music and Love, for the next Gathering to come.

Why? Because you deserve it, and because we can!!

Closing Party Lineup

Suntrip Rec_IL


It all began around the mid 90's.

His first experience with what was then called Goa Trance was somewhere in the Summer of '95; those were the golden years of the Goa Trance style, from the crazy full moon parties in Koh-Phangan to the many indescribable sunrises. That was the time of the mythical underground parties in Israel.

In 1998 he got curious at the making of these amazing tunes and started working on his computer with the Impulse Tracker program, and still today he has those first old tunes he made.

His music is fully inspired from Goa Trance, today the rarest and most unique style of the genre. He feels that he can send his message, express himself and his inner feelings only through this powerful music.

Afgin's music is a mixture of emotions and psychedelic atmosphere wrapped with positive energies. From Man With No Name, MFG, Astral Projection, Shakta to Transwave, they all have had an important part in his inspiration.

Afgin has promised us to bring his freshest material to the ZNA dancefloor, and we just can't wait to share it with you.

Suntrip Rec_BE


Joske is THE true Goa Trance addict, an international DJ that aims to play this kind of music as much as possible, for people that love to dance hard and float around on old-school classicals and modern Goa Trance music.

The story of Anoebis starts in 1998, when he first discovered Goa Trance. He was so impacted by the power of that music that he immediately bought all the cds he could buy! Pretty soon he built a collection of over 200 CDs that turned into his very own first DJ set, on the turn of the millennium.

The first years of 2000 were hard; in that period he was one of the last DJs playing "melodic Goa Trance", the old-school style. Because he loved that style so much and it seemed more or less dead, he and a good friend (Mars/Fabien) decided to start their own music label called Suntrip Records. Soon after melodic Goa Trance started to revive in Belgium and some other countries in the world, which resulted in many old- / new-school Goa Trance themed parties. And his love for melodic Goa Trance only continued to grow until today!

As such you can expect from him not only the most perfect tracks specifically thought of for each moment, but also the best unreleased goodies designed to break the dancefloor and lift some heavy dust clouds into the air. This will be a performance built without any rehearsal, for the sake of the moment and the dancefloor needs. And that's what Trance is all about.

Schlabbaduerst Rec_SE


David Tingsgård started making music around 1995, with his first releases coming out through BooM! Records. In 1998 he released his first CD "Twin Sharkfins" under the name of Battle of the Future Buddhas, which established the band as an underground force to be reckoned with. More releases followed on BooM! and Schlabbaduerst.

In 2000-2015 his music was generally hard and dark, but always melodic. Following this legacy, we at ZNA Gathering had the huge honour to host him for two editions already, playing as the night captain of the ZNA ship for the Zambu nightcrawlers, guiding them through intense and tumultuous waters of twisted psychedelic music.

This time David will invite us to take a trip on his light side, something he has been focusing on in the last years but barely witnessed by the scene. And we are sure that his mastery and knowledge from decades of experience combined with our energy on the dancefloor will make this performance a huge highlight of this new-school Goa Trance ZNA Closing Party.

Prepare yourselves to be exposed to the light side of the legend from Battle of the Future Buddhas.

Suntrip Rec_RS


Behind DaPeace is Damir Scasni from Belgrade (Serbia) - a Suntrip Records' label DJ, the man behind the Goa Experience parties, a member of the Chaotic Beats and Wicked Forest crew... all in all, a highly respected, appreciated artist and one of the most busy DJs in Serbia, respected among many fellow artists and DJs.

With almost two decades of DJing experience, Damir is open to all kinds of psychedelic music, pushing back boundaries and producing high-quality music embodied with the essence of complete, highly driven stories.

Damir will show us his vision inspired by the beauty of ZNA land by using the most intense sounds that the Goa Trance scene has been designing lately. Expect a fresh and psychedelic immersive experience that'll make your head spin and your heart pump with ecstasy and euphoria.

Suntrip Rec_SE


Jannis Tzikas is a musician and sound designer based in Sweden. Growing up in the 80's, the synthesiser era, deeply influenced Jannis' life, driving him into collecting equipment and starting composing as early as the age of 13. It also guided him into the world of electronic music production, when a few years later Filteria was formed.

His first album "Sky Input" was released in November 2004 on Suntrip Records, and it immediately obtained an immense recognition from the Goa scene, making Filteria one the spearheads of the new-school trend.

During 2007 the side project K.O.B. (acronym for Kind Of Behaviour) was created, with a more experimental and darker side than Filteria.

On another note, besides the uptempo material, there are also downtempo and ambient beats in the making for an upcoming album...

At ZNA Gathering Closing Party you will experience another remarkable moment from one of the most wanted artists for when the stakes for euphoria achievement are high on the dancefloor - and we're sure that he's going to lift up our dancefloor to a higher dimension. Although this will be the last day of our beloved retro-futuristic experience, we're sure everyone will behave as if it was the first, since he always seems to restore all of our energies every time he performs at the ZNA stage.

We could not be more honoured to have him on board, as without him our experience would be far from complete.

Suntrip Rec_ES


Hypnoxock was formed in 1997 by Victor Solsona and Pedro Quijada, and since 2015 has been run as a single-man project by Victor.

Victor finds his influence in traditional and ethnic music, but also in some advanced tendences, never stopping to investigate new sounds, textures and atmospheres. This ultimately led him to create his own kind of music, a sort of smart mix between Goa and Psychedelic Trance with modern sounds, always reminiscing the essence of old times, transmitting sensations and generating a good quality atmosphere.

Hypnoxock is here to resurrect the essence of new psychedelic Goa Trance. And at ZNA Gathering we'll have a producer's performance that'll take us all through their futuristic and melodic new-school Psy Goa Trance dimension.

A moment that will for sure be engraved on our soul, mind and ZNA.

Suntrip Rec_TK


One of today's biggest maestros of melodic old-school influenced Goa Trance, which needs no special introductions. As many people are aware Mindsphere is one of the leading Goa Trance projects, and considered one of the biggest psychedelic Trance live acts coming from Turkey.

Ali Akgün, passionate musician and artist, was born in Istanbul and has always been involved with music since his childhood. He first formed a metal band when he was 15 years old, played at various metal organisations and festivals, and in the year of 1999, he started producing electronic music. Besides Mindsphere he also has his own space ambient project and downtempo project.

Are you a fan of mystic, dreamy and hypnotic Goa Trance filled with eastern melodies and magical moments? Search no further. The aim of Mindsphere is to propel the listener and dancer into the middle of a whirling vortex of highly sensory music, authentic feelings and emotions directly inspired by Ali's life experiences.

Join us and Mindsphere at the ZNA Gathering Closing Party, and you will find yourself touched and bewitched by the many oriental tonalities of his dynamic sound. Another moment with the potential to become the highlight of our next edition.

Suntrip Re_ES


Cristian Fernandez is a music producer born in 1988, based in Girona, Spain. Strongly influenced by the EBM, Industrial and Techno styles, he became interested in electronic music since he was a child with bands like Front 242, Leather Strip, Velvet Acid Christ, Nitzer Ebb, Funker Vogt, and others.

He discovered Goa Trance in 2003 with the Infected Mushroom's track "Devil", and immediately felt connected to this kind of music. A few years later he was impacted by the new wave of new-school Goa artists (like Filteria), and it was not long after that he started to buy synthesizers and experiment with them. In 2013 the Morphic Resonance project was born, with the mission of recreating the true old-school Goa sounds from the '90s.

Although this was a project that came on the last ZNA Gathering's Closing Party as a replacement act, Cristian totally left the dancefloor surrendered to his intense performance and music quality; so much so, that he left all of us with a huge desire to see what more he could shows us, specially considering 3 years have passed since his last ZNA performance.

This is a moment we are truly looking for, standing with high expectation among the Zambu community. So make sure you join us at the next ZNA Closing Party to check his new tricks and tracks.

Neogoa Rec_FR


Jerome Lesterps is a french-based psychedelic music producer. Searing acid lines, eerie atmospheres and fast-paced, pumping rhythms are the best words to describe Proxeeus, a 10 year project written with his own kind of Trance music, perfect for putting people in a deep introspective state.

Although he sticks to an intense and relentless code when producing in his studio, Jerome also enjoys travelling the world to play his masterpieces at parties and festivals around the globe for people to enjoy.

At ZNA Gathering's next edition expect an intense journey full of layers and Goa melodies, painted with colours from his new dancefloor material. So keep in mind - you'll need to save up some energy for such a powerful and intense experience

Future Music Rec_IL


Even though Eitan Reiter - best known as part of the LOUD project - and Isaac - known as the mastermind behind Sandman - share the same scene and country for a long time, it was only during the pandemic that they got in touch for the first time.

When Eitan was about to sell his own studio he got a call from Isaac saying that he really wanted to do a collab, so they were left with a short deadline for a get-together before the studio disappeared for good. Soon enough the meeting took place, and their connection just happened naturally through their shared passion for music and synths.

Their collaboration ended up in 2 tracks that immediately called our attention - what a powerful combination! It's noticeable how they crafted their music with that feeling of being a timeless masterpiece, resulting in one of the best outcomes that our scene has witnessed. We believe this has much to do with Isaac's old-school approach, and to Eitan's new techniques perfected from years of being one of the best and most dedicated studio geeks our scene ever had.

They have mentioned they are really excited to play their masterpieces at a festival one day, and we at ZNA felt we really needed to have their amazing music played exclusively for our family. So, even though we thought it was a long shot, we decided to challenge them into choosing ZNA Gathering to "pop their cherry"... and incredibly enough they accepted! Not only are they excited to join us for the first time, because they know ZNA is the perfect place for them to grow wild, they've also had two full years to prepare their act for our delight.

So, next ZNA edition will be the first stage ever to hold this unique and super special performance that has all the right ingredients to most accurately portray what we, old-school lovers, could ever get from the new-school psy goa Trance scene.

Matsuri Digital_IL


Maor is an Israeli DJ and producer born with an unusual attraction and love to music.

In the late 90's he stumbled upon the psychedelic side of music in the more classic genres that include rock, progressive, jazz and fusion. A few years later Maor began his long and fruitful career in the local psychedelic Trance scene on all levels, from promotion to production.

Maor has an extensive knowledge of all styles of deep Trance and a huge collection of rare tracks, and at ZNA Gathering's next Closing Party he will reveal all the experience he has been gaining in the last years as a producer, with the many collaborations he has done so far, and all the hard-working hours he has invested in his studio.

This will be a performance with a special focus on the modern goa psy Trance, produced with new technics and tech sound devices. So, expect nothing but the best sound quality and musical experience from this musical mastermind.

Suntrip Rec_BE


Born in 1996, Elric and Jurian Reinartz came into contact with the Belgian underground Goa parties from the age of 16 and immediately fell in love with the music.

Roughly one year later they started producing electronic music together on their project Triquetra, inspired by artists like Agneton, Shivax and Goalien, under the Nitzhogoa style, that was at that time gaining some popularity among Belgian parties.

Another year later they evolved their style more towards the old-school Goa Trance sounds from the 90's, and as a result they became increasingly requested for the old-school oriented organisations in Belgium.

Lately they have been focusing on the analog sounds from the early years of Goa Trance and Acid Trance, bringing up a different story with each track, filled with fast melodic madness and hypnotising acid melodies. Their performances usually include live didgeridoo and synthesisers, and obviously only the best selection of their past and future works.

All of us dancers that had the privilege to live their last ZNA Gathering Closing Party performance just got blown away by the pure euphoric dancing feelings they provoked on us - and for this next edition we know it will be even more surprising.