Dedicated to psy-chill ambient and downtempo sounds, this area invites softer moments in a cosy psychedelic nest. This area, at The Peninsula is designed and built with the aim to achieve ultimate comfort and relaxation.

The musical program is designed to meet specific levels of relaxation at specific times of the day, always in tune with the rest of the Gathering.


Chillout Lineup

100th Monkey

100th Monkey is Andy Guthrie, who has co-produced Banco de Gaia, Children of the Bong, Medicine Drum and Matsuri Productions to name a few. Rob Risso is used as a studio engineer on some tracks. The name 100th Monkey comes from research conducted in the mid-sixties by four Japanese primatologists into the eating habits of monkeys across several separate Pacific islands. The researchers found that a concept or skill learned by a few could spread almost overnight to the rest of the species across long distances provided a critical number of individuals was reached. This was later picked up on by Lyall Watson who gave the concept the name "the hundredth monkey phenomenon". The point being that a new skill or concept can be accepted into the gene stream and affect evolution provided enough individuals acquire it. So proving that whatever we think or learn affects the collective unconsciousness... probably.


Allix, aka Lis Rodrigues, is a producer, promoter and DJ - with a musical career of over 10 years singing and writing brazilian music and one solo album released and remixed, since 2011 engaged in research and produce electronic music. She is part of Electrik Dream label, that includes composers, djs, vjs, visionary artists
and digital/eletronic artists engaged on the exploration and production of the ambient and healing culture. She also organizes, since 2012, the Moon Dance Chillout Party at Brazil and Portugal.

Dedicated to the study of sonic frequencies, Hindu and Buddhist mantras, has shared special mixes dedicated to Yoga practices and Meditation. Recently, she organized all the learnings about sound frequencies and meditation as ìNatya Satyamî, a dynamic practice of meditation, inspired of 5 Rythms, buddhist meditation and shamanic meditation. At the electronic scene, Allix stands by her chillout mixes that wander for styles like downtempo, psybient, psychill, psybass,glitch, temple step, ethnic and deep trance. Combining technique and sensibility,
her musical sets gently lead the listener through a sensory journey. Her Nomad Tales mixes are monthly on the air at and all sonic journeys can be found at


Andrei was born in Ukraine, about 37 years ago. He used to wear tennis rackets on his feet to walk on the Ukrainian snow and as a young teenager he found tennis rackets could also be used for other purposes, such as smacking other humans' heads or fishing. After the snow rackets and the head smacking, tuna came. He's also very fond of omelets and actually quite skilled at making them. Andrei's often seen on the sofa, at the computer or lying on the floor... usually with different packets of biscuits around his restful body. "Will I blend?", he asks himself in deep moments of introspection... "Well, it's a matter of perspective.", is the conclusion more often reached. One more biscuit. A chocolate one. "I really like this track... I wonder who the artist is... hmmm... if only I didn't have to stand up... hmmm... one more biscuit." The soundtrack to his peaceful existence is in tune with his plain tuna-based existence. Complex and simple, factual and surreal, curious and sceptic, literal and wide. With a strong identity he likes to claim. Eclectic some would say. He likes details and big windows, as long as he doesn't have to clean them. He does not waste paper, he uses it for origami creations which he not so often offers to his beloved ones. Railroads are a nice walk and a source of inspiration. He aspires to live in the widest window with the best view to the longest and most twisted railroad. Enjoying life and simple things.


Dj Anoebis is a known name in the old/new school goa scene. He is a dj, party organiser and one of the label managers of Suntrip Records.


DJ Aquarius is Ilker, based in Hamburg in northern Germany.
His first contact with electronic music was in 1992 with Techno, AcidTrance and House music, along with lots of TripHop, Reggae and Psychedelic Rock.
In 1996 he experienced his first Goa-Trance party in Hamburg Germany. He fell in Love with the Trance culture ever since.
He started DJing PsyChill music in 2004. Since then, he has played at Party's and Festivals all over Europe and here & there and anywhere, on Events like Antaris, Boom Festival, PsyFi and Indian Spirit, just to name a few.
From the beginning of 2009, he joints the Swiss music label "Peak Records" as a label DJ and left it, when this amazing label come to an end in 2014.
Aquarius has a weakness for Psychedelic, Dub, Glitch, IDM, PsyBass, Chill & DubStep, Electronica, Ambient & Downbeat, and on the other hand, he loves experimental ethno stuff with turkish and oriental influences too. Psychedelic and chilled Techno is more and more becoming part of his repertoire as well ...
The best way to describe the music style of Aquarius, would be to say that he loves to play little psychedelic and colourful stories. Tracks filled with Atmospheres, grooves, beats and rhythms, crossing over different Chill genres from all over the world. He is taking the listener on a journey, inviting to drift away or just to dance, selecting more nighttime “Chill In” rather than daytime “Chill Out” tracks to play …
Be curious my friends and stay tuned for more active meditation Music.....
Booking requests to :
Love is the key !


A Portugal based producer of psychedelic chillout his music reflects their emotions and feelings. Since 2007, Pedro Monteiro has been developing works that are the result of his dedication and curiosity by sounds that transport us to other realities.
Organizer of different Chillout Stages in Portugal, in recent years, Pedro is traveling through countries in the northern hemisphere to perform and promote chillout and downtempo music. He is one of the organizers for Moon Dance Party Portugal.
Counting with experiments as Boom Festival (Portugal), Shankra Frestival (Switzerland), Hadra Festival (France), Chill Out Planet Festival (Russia), Vibrónica Festival (Ukraine), Zagoa Festival (Marroc), ZNA Gathering (Portugal), Freedom Festival (Portugal), Human Evolution Festival (Italy) and many other events. A pleasant experience that will draw in the most amazing stories.
"life is balance, you will balance with the rhythm of your feet."
Enjoy the music!!!

Benji Vaugh aka Younger Brother

Benjamin Vaughan, better known as Benji Vaughan, is a British psychedelic trance musician and tech entrepreneur. He has released music under many names, of which most well known is his solo project, Prometheus, and his collaboration with Twisted Records label colleague, Simon Posford, under the moniker Younger Brother.[1] His music is characterized by distinct basslines, high production quality, intense thematic development and unique or alternative approaches to the psytrance genre. He frequently combines diatonic melodic content with metallic or "glitchy" percussive polyphonic elements to form thick contrapuntal tapestries of sound. Although much of his music sounds like it was composed using equipment at the forefront of technology, it is not uncommon for him to use equipment now considered antique, such as the 1971 Korg micro synth that he used for portions of the second album, Corridor of Mirrors.

Chilled C’quence

Chilled C’quence are Pedro Matias and Fernando Rodrigues (DJ Fluxo and Psyjar), both have been connected to different aspects of music since their beginning. Two years after they first met, they started to produce music together on a project called “Zero Sequence” (under Quest4Goa support). But it’s in 2004 that they decided to create a parallel project which is more focused on the ambient/downtempo sound named “Chilled C’quence”. Using evolving voices and spatial melodies they take the audience into a journey of downbeat electronic rhythms.
After demonstrating a strong consistency in their live shows, they captured the attention of the british label “Amboworld” who, in 2006 released their debut album “Magic Sense”.
Their second album (“Dream Triggers”) was released by the portuguese label Quest4Goa in 2008, and received very good reviews. In this work you can discover an uplifting ambient journey which is able to transpose you to a deep inner state. The album combines chilling harmonies with warm and progressive vibes.
They also have great releases on several VA’s, under the banner of well known labels that discovered the musical message carried by these artists, as well as playing in several festivals and events throughout Europe.
This duo lives in permanent contact with music, exploring different types of musical expression. “Fluxo”, beside the DJ aspect appears in projects like “Exolon” and “Uasca”, while “Psyjar” is a founding member of “Grub”, “Quantic Devices” and “Minimonster”.

Daniel Sol

Since he discovered the world of electronic psychedelia in the mid-90s, he has been linked to the scene without rest. He defines himself above all as a music lover in a very broad sense, a music lover who is easy to see him playing in his hometown, Madrid, from jazz, soul, world music, rock, funk... dozens of wonderful ways of interpreting the beautiful art of musical notes. As a DJ he proposes musical journeys through many textures, with the common denominator of the search for beauty and emotion. He has been able to share his passion at festivals such as Connection, Huéznar, Transition, Lost Theory, Udumbara, Aluch303, Ensancha el Alma... Since 2019, together with Daniel 303, he gave birth to Ensancha el Alma Records, a label specialising in psychill/downtempo conceived as a "thank you to the artists who have made us so happy with their music over the years". Promoter and organiser in Madrid of events such as Aluch303, Ensancha el Alma or Katarsis. He is very excited to be part of ZNA and will invite us to immerse ourselves in one of his emotional journeys made from pure passion.


Dezoncondor is an original electronic music project of the Portuguese artist multifaceted António Ruivo aka Spiralsnake, who started in Holland in 2007, where he went to meet Spirituality and knowledge about the old and new World. At first it was based on an Inspiring genre in the field of Ambient Chill, and now it is heading towards a sonorous landscape of PsyAmbient. Modern and ancestral, where the organic meets the deep electronic environments, revealing a vast universe in a journey of the interplanetary mind where it invokes the glorification and grandeur of who we are and what we will be. Past, present and future.

DJ Qses

Coming straight from Athens, Qses likes to travel within the sounds of Ambient, Downtempo and Progressive Trance!!!! He has performed with some of the biggest Progressive and Ambient names like (Atmos-Vibrasphere-Phaxe-Ritmo-Nok-Wizzy Noise-Aes Dana-Asura-Circular-Solar Fields-Tripswitch) etc.
2011 Q joined the crew of Savva Records as Dj, Savva Records is located in Northern Germany and Support Actively the Progreesive Scence. Q was the admin of Electrocaine Radio since 2007 till 2012,Electrocaine became famous in 78 countries all over the Globe. 
Q except as a dj parallel works for the world of Aviation. 
If you havent heard of Dark Q by now then where have you been hiding?

DJ Shahar

Better known as DJ Shahar and as the founder of the website Isratrance, one of the reference sites of psychedelic trance movement in Israel. Since the early 2000s Shahar has been one of the most active members in spreading the psychedelic trance movement from Israel to the world.

Possessing a thorough knowledge of the movement in Israel Shahar has collaborated in the selection of collections of artists for publishers such as Hom-Mega and Beats & Pieces and together with Yaniv Shulman manages Aleph Zero Records.


Haris P. aka Fishimself is a dedicated ambient activist.
Owner of Freeze Magazine untill 2013 that printed edition stopped , Freeze was the one and only magazine supported electronic dance music from 1999 In Greece . Owner also of IT Record shop in Athens till 2014 a record shop that marked Athenian scene with the exclusivities and events . He was also the organiser of the first almost ambient only festival in Europe ISLAND OF FIRE in The Island of Lemnos with acts like : Kay Nakayama , Youth , Abakus , Aes Dana , Solar Fields , Kenji Williams and moreHe was a Member and dj of Ultimae Records untill May 2014.Stage and booking manager for festivals such as Aurora in Greece, and last but not least a outstanding DJ. He creates unusual mixes of electronic music with a melancholic mood and mesmerizes the crowds with sounds of ambient, IDM, acoustic music, sometimes breaks and downtempo trance taking them on a original journey for mind and ears. Frequent guest at the Mahamaya restaurant in Bern / Switzerland for whom he compiled the Mahamaya series compilations in 2009, Fishimself also performed at many festivals such as Sonica reloaded / Italy, Source festival / Malta, the InSpiral Lounge / UK and Magnet in Turkey/Tree of Life /Lost Theory/Hadra/Synergy U.K./He is also known for his work as Stage and Booking Manager in Festivals like :Blackmoon Italy / Tree of Life /S.U.N/ and Earthcore Festival.
2015 finds Him playing in Tokyo club Bonobo and Mind of Vision festival , Plus the great ZNA Gathering festival with the legends.

Floating Machine

Floating Machine, is a producer within the experimental ambient techno scope of sounds, he gathered influences from Jazz and Ambient to techno with Psychedelic and Hypnotic soundscapes.
Using music to connect and communicate, taking the listener to adventurous and unpredictable aural journeys is what he is intended with his productions.

Frederico Baltimore

He learned classical music since his childhood, playing piano and transverse flute, yet wanted to be a biology teacher. He got a masters in biology and geology (PARIS 6) but stopped his studies when he was 25 years old to produce the early Transwave tracks with fellow music producer Christophe Drouillet, aka Absolum.
He has been releasing his trance productions under the name Deedrah since 1995.
Collaborating with other people such as Sid Shanti, Bamboo Forest, and others, Dado has founded a broad and diverse spectrum of music in projects such as Transwave, Kaledoid, Synthetic, Cypher, The Digital Avengers, Dandandado, and The Good The Bad and the Ugly to name a few. He also heads another solo project with the name Federico Baltimore, with a more lounge/house style. He is known for having a high standard for his music productions and for his solid production quality. He is now living in Ibiza, producing music or touring the world. His newest projects are the fourth album of Transwave and the Krome Angels. Krome Angels is an EDM project, which includes Dino Psaras, Dado (Deedrah), and Shanti Matkin. Their debut album, Modern Day Classics, was released in February 2009 on the BOA Group label. Their second long-awaited album "Sexy, Freaky, Nasty" is due for release in April 2014.

Gabi Von Dub

Over the last 23 years, Gabi has been turning his wide musical taste and
deep listening of the world and the phenomena of sound into well
distilled expanding DJ sessions.
Fond of a large array of electronic music, as listener, collector, DJ,
label a&r, blog columnist or small events co-organizer, he's fully
involved with the diversity and evolution of music as a catalyst of
novelty, timelessness, momentum and mind-altering states. ZNA Gathering
has become his mother ship throughout the last decade, always returning
to deliver long and amusing sets, devoid of any puritanism, in which
ambient techno, dub, chill-out, experimental and minimal deep music
converge with whimsical charm.
Also releases Ambient music as Augen, with music on several Portuguese
and international labels.

Gabriel Le Mar

Frankfurt based Gabriel Le Mar is a music producer, releasing electronic music with a special focus on deep sounds and Dub inspired Techno.
In Chill Out contexts his live and DJ sets are influenced by Basic Channel style DubTechno, from soulful shades of Techno to minimalistic trippin' aspects of Electronica music.
Techno, Psy Tech, Dance, Electro Trance, Acid, Psychedlic Techno, you name it.
At alternative floors his focus is on energetic Techno and Acid to progressive TechTrance that can result in a PsyTech meltdown.
In deep and soulful performances on the floor Gabriel connects playforms of Techno into energetic states, powered with live overdubs, focussing on the aspects of dance. Gabriel is fusing DJ-mixing techniques and live performance together into one organic sonic flow.
He is also founder of psydub legends Saafi Brothers and released on labels such as Liquid Sound Design (L.S.D.), Iboga, BlueRoomReleased, SpiritZone Rec., FAX Rec., Horns and Hoofs Entertainment, and made remixes for Bob Marley, Youth & Gaudi, X-Dream, KoxBox, Anne Clark, Pascal Feos, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Suns Of Arqa, Bus by GusTill…Together with Robin Triskele they form the DJ/Live duo Synergy Dub and played at festivals like Ozora (HU) and Space Mountain (ES).

Gabriel Le Mar played on festivals as Z.N.A. (PT), Ozora (HU), Sziget (HU), Roskilde (DK), Tribal Gathering (UK, PA), Psy-Fi (NL), Shankra (CH), Free Earth (GR), Space Mountain International Cosmic Arts Lab (ES)...


Born in the 70’s, he’s youth was marked by the psychedelic rock movement. Then in the late 90th decade, belonging to an experimental project of the performances arts named Tribe of The Dog, he developed the taste for musical production. In 2001, he started playing chill out and DubTechno music at trance parties an dub bars, going by the artistic name of Gooyz.

Gus Till

Active as a musician/producer and DJ since the Punk days of the 70's in Melbourne Australia. The keyboard player for many pop groups (Beargarden and the Models) and was part of Michael Hutchence's 'Max Q' project before forming Third Eye with Ollie Olsen. He was also a member of 'The Ears' upon which the infamous 'Dogs in Space' film was based. Towards the end of the 80's he recorded a project with Bono and Edge from U2 and Todd Terry. He also became more active in production doing an album for Australia's Joe Creighton. This period saw shifts to New York and Paris for 3 years before finally settling in London. During this period worked with and remixed African Jazz/Soul legend Manu Dibango, Nina Hagen, Jamiroquai, producer Youth (for who he was his in-house engineer at Butterfly studios) amongst others. Also worked on a project with Claude Challe of Buddha Bar fame and recently working on remixes of System Seven.


“Breaking norms, blurring the lines, and creating an immersive universe of sound for the listener to get lost in, but even more, travel around in.”
Over his twenty-five years of musical exploration, taking him from the beginnings of the psy-techno movement to composing music for films, Holeg Spies is one of the trail-blazing electronic music producer.
Since 1994 Holeg’s projects introduced the intermixing of musical genres that he is still pursuing today. These unshackled works escape all classification, getting lost in the confines of electronic, industrial rock, symphonic and psychedelic music. Spies will morph through different versions throughout the 2000s and even move into avant-garde audiovisual creations, exhibited not just in the Paris Pompidou Centre, but also in Tokyo, New York and Geneva. This would be Holeg’s first brush with the world of film that would become so important to him.
Holeg Spies has recently signed new film-ish and electronica ambient records on Youth’s Dragonfly and Liquid Sound Design labels.
This year Holeg will be sharing the stage with Thierry Gotti for a 20' new album showcase!


Hypnoxock was formed in 1997 by Victor Solsona and Pedro Quijada, and since 2015 has been run as a single-man project by Victor.
Victor finds his influence in traditional and ethnic music, but also in some advanced tendences, never stopping to investigate new sounds, textures and atmospheres. This ultimately led him to create his own kind of music, a sort of smart mix between Goa and Psychedelic Trance with modern sounds, always reminiscing the essence of old times, transmitting sensations and generating a good quality atmosphere.


Jaia is a progressive & downtempo crossover project from France, formed in 1994. First known for his goa trance productions in the 90ies, Jaia music is now beyond formatted sounds & bpms, and goes from atmospheric cinematic ambient to uplifting trance, crossing house and techno grooves.
Since 1997 Jaia has been performing live in festivals, clubs, and art galleries all over the world.

Juno Reaktor

Juno Reactor ranks among the all-time greats of electronic music as essential innovators. From their 9 studio albums, “Transmissions” the first Trance album, Scoring many films to performing their stunning live shows around the world at major music festivals, Glastonbury, Roskilde, Fuji Rock, The Glade, Boom, Ozora, and many more.
Juno Reactor are known for their cinematic fusion of electronic, global influences, and a dynamic orchestral approach, working with composer Don Davis for the score of The Matrix Trilogy. Central to the project is Ben Watkins and his collaborations with a constantly changing ensemble of musicians from across the world.
2016 opens up a new chapter with The Mutant Theatre show, a combination of Juno Reactor’s powerful onstage presence and two visually stunning performance groups from Russia, Agnivo and Stigma. Bringing a new dimension and unique touch from the creators of the Bible of Dreams.

Liquid Shape

Liquid Shape is Bruno Nandyala’s dj project. His life as a dj started in 1998, with a house music project, exploring all the progressive tendencies at the time, under the vinyl format. During some years he performed at some clubs, as well as some private events. In 2002, being already a chill out “addicted”, he started experiencing the new electronic music tendencies. His big dance music collection gives place to new, smooth, relaxing rhythms, beginning his work as a “chill out” dj. His performances can be presented as eclectic, moving from deep electronic ambient to more organic oriented soundscapes.


An artist who was born inside the Zambu community decades ago, while Psy trance was still taking its first steps here in Portugal.

As a very creative and capable artist and craftsman, he became a valuable member of many production teams. A man you can see on stage as a master musician, and on the ground, building and organizing structures, land art, water systems, electrical grids, trusses - whatever is needed to make the party starting and going, he is there to make it happen.

We are, obviously, talking about DJ Migas, one of the minds and muscles who has been with us since the first outbreaks of ZNA and who is also responsible for its inception. A musical virtuoso who at an early age started to participate in bands as a bassist, in the realms of harder and darker rock sub genres. Around 1994 he started looking at dj'ing and electronic sounds as a way to transmit his singular style, an experimental and unique mental type of dance music, with no boundaries. His eclectic musical taste made him fall in love with psy trance and chill, as he felt that it encompassed all his influences and diverse tastes. Inevitably, he became a top Dj and soon after a masterful musical producer.

It was around this time that he helped to give birth to the Good Mood team as an important part of the genesis of the Boom Festival, and he's been a part of our ZNA team and resident DJ even before day one. Always one of the first to arrive on-site and one of the last to leave, a true brother and warrior.

With Nois'r'us, migas will take us on a journey with his downtempo psychedelic universe.


Initiating in 1997, his contact with ambient and dance music with psychedelic orientation, early felt the strong link to this musical genre, starting to follow the growth of the Psytrance movement in Portugal and increasing his love for this alternative culture. In 2001 started his activity as dj, under the name Plurgrim, collaborating in several national and international events, always creating sonic landscapes to give sense to what moves him in this musical path, the communion between nature, music and man.


Proxeeus is Jerome Lesterps, a French dude born in southern France not too far from Avignon. He discovered Goa Trance in 1999 after randomly stumbling upon a track called “Aurora Borealis”, from legendary act Astral Projection, but it’s not until late 2010 that he started getting interested in trying to make this kind of music; after legitimately asking himself one evening “But how do these guys make all these noises anyway?”. He had no idea what he was getting into. Since that fateful day, hammering away at the computer, and fiddling with knobs is all that has been on his mind.

Following his sister’s advice to post what he had done online, this enabled him to get lucky and, in 2014, be noticed by people inside the Goa Trance scene and play his first couple of sets at Belgian parties (yes Belgium, you’re that awesome <3). Coupled to the fact that people’s reaction to his work was surprisingly encouraging, this has done nothing to lessen his obsession, with some of his tracks starting to appear on compilations accross various labels on the ‘Net such as Goa Galaxy, Goa Madness Records, and Neogoa, with a fully-fledged album planned for 2015. If his style was to be summarized, one could say that it’s more or less the story of “a guy with a 303-problem”.


Sandesh aka Psymbosis has been involved in the music world since more then 3 decades.
In the 90s he was playing and sharing his tunes and vibe in events wihitin the Osho Commune international in Pune as well as in beaches and parties in Goa, at that time mixing on DAT tapes and Minidisks.
From pop music until the latest innovative psy trance passing through all the possible ranges and styles, he has explored them all!!
After a gap in the early 2000's exploring different realms of his creative expressions, he has been deeply involved in the music scene of Sout East Asia, sharing his passion in beaches and jungles parties as well as Clubs and International Festivals.
He has ben playing in all the main venues in Goa, Koh Phangan, Bali as well as most of the main Music Festivals in SE Asia! ... to mention some:
Modem Festival (CR) - The Experience Festival (TH) - Sunshine Festival (JP) - Chill Out Planet (RU) - Imaginaria (IT) ....
He can play music and styles at 360° ranging from Meditative Shamanic Ambient, Chiil and Alternative, Ecstatic Dances until Night Forest Psy and everything in btw.
He is constantly pushing the limits of what is playable creating “journeys” full of surprises. His various and versatile style can fit any crowd at any hour at any kind of event!
He silently contributed to the expansion of the Ecstatic Dance Movement in Asia being one of the first to bring it in the now famous Bali Yoga Barn in early 2000s and subsequently on the Island of Koh Phangan.
In both cases the concept and the events he created has grown exponentially up to the point that are now well established in the Ecstatic Dance scene worldwide attracting hundreds of dancers from all over the planet.
He plays music in a very versatile and various ways such that his alter-ego named Psymbiosis (Maharetta Records) is present in the International Underground scene sharing his passion and his vibrant energy.
When asked he uses to say of himself: “If you know me I need no introduction.... If you don't know me you can ask to those who do know me!!! ... Sharing Love & Passion through music at 360°”


Norwegian goa trance and ambient - downtempo project from Oslo, Norway.
Founded in 1994, originally as duo. In 1998 Lars left the group, which became Christer's solo project until late 2006, when Lars joined the group again.

Robin Triskele

She's a powerful channel for the eloquent transmission of higher frequencies - a bonafide selectress on a mission to connect the physical and spiritual realms through the mystique of music. Robin Triskele knows her stuff. The 20 years she's dedicated to underground dance music culture is testament to that fact.
With a fearless curiosity, the artist has explored the depths of electronic dance music as she moves you seamlessly with an impressive collection through Psydub, EDM, Bass Music, Psychedelic Glitch, intelligent DnB, Dub Techno and other eclectic downbeat forms of electronica. With her positive colourful, engaging spirit, she connects with the light frequencies of sound, projecting a playful energy from the decks to the floor. Having managed the UK based Liquid Sound Design label for the past 7 years, you can expect some funky downbeat electronica hiidden gems.

Selecta Alice

Music and oxygen have the same vital need to her. Songs and records have always inhabited, more than anything, her life. Sharing music has always been one of her communication tools. First, the piano, from childhood, then, the radio at age 16, and later the first spontaneous incursions into the art of putting the right record at the right time. No plan or path. The passions take us without warning and, although she never thought of being a Dj, Selecta Alice is one of the pioneers and driving forces behind the movement of World Music played in a Dj set in Portugal. The rhythms of Africa, Latin America, the Balkans and India are obligatory stops in her sets, sound travels around the world. Worldbeat - world music, pure or in fusion with electronic beats, in a homage to the roots and the celebration of life through music and dance.

Sérgio Walgood

Music producer and DJ with several releases and tracks on many compilations around the world, Sérgio Walgood collaborates in an array of projects that goes from the essence of the world music band OCO to the experimental ambient and techno project Angular Momentum. The diversity of approaches he presents makes it difficult to define his work in its fullness. His homonymous projects explore sound environments with a very own approach to Downtempo and Techno, always with a support in psychedelic sonorities that transport the listener through multiverse musical environments.


Sigil is originally from Britain but lives in Portugal since 2010. His major musical passion of the last two decades has been psychedelic music from the fringes - the cutting edges where genre definitions breakdown, cross-pollination occurs and the human imagination is left free to explore unchartered sonic territory. Since 2017 Sigil releases through the legendary Merkaba Music, where his glitchy and groovey production style has found a home. He is also known for his DJ sets, where he plays a wide range of cutting edge psychedelia including techno and zenon style progressive psy as well as wide angled forays into the diversities of psychedelic bass music. He has had the great pleasure of sharing his music at some of the best festivals across Europe including Ozora (Hungary), Sonica (Italy), Kosmos (Finland), SUN (Hungary), Goa Dupa (Poland), ZNA (Portugal), Freedom (Portugal) and Suti (Portugal) which he co-organises.

Synergy Dub

Synergy Dub its a collaboration between Robin Triskele and Gabriel Le Mar (Saafi Brothers) and has an hybrid essence based between the DJ performance and the Live Act. The synergy between these two artists results in sound environments that incite to dance, sustained in techno music.
The Dj/Live project performs future Dub grooves & vibes in various electronic music styles that range from deep and trippy Techno on the dancefloor to leftfield Electronica or cinematic Ambient at Chillout spaces.
The presence of these two artists in the ZNA will give us the opportunity to experience unique moments, provided by two of the references in the psychedelic movement.

Thin Garden Covert


Triple Distilled

Triple Distilled is a moniker of Alex Boshke Tolstey, founder of Boshke Beats Records and managing director of X-Dream. Downtempo chilled broken beats, atmospheric ambient, music-without rules, without boundaries, trip hop, electro, brain dance .... its Triple Distilled.
Expect the Unexpected.

Alex Tolstey, also known as Alex Boshke, is a producer and DJ whose career in electronic music spans over 25 years. As a founder of Boshke Beats Records, Alex executed more than 250 releases and is renowned in the global trance and techno community. Known for his vision of uniting trance and techno and his work with artists who create fresh fusions in sounds (Extrawelt, X-Dream, Fuzzion etc) he is known for pioneering cross-border electronic dance music genres, his psychedelic trance roots and wide knowledge of techno, house and electro breaks and music in general brought him a worldwide status of one of the leading psychedelic techno record producers out there.


Eric aka Wacamolo has been playing mainly chill out grooves, with a twist of Dub, Ambiant, Ethnic, or anything really that would fly by and fit the space and time…

Zen Paradox

Zen Paradox is the main creative vehicle under which Australian musician Steve Law records and performs electronic music, although he also uses the names Mr. Suspicious, and Mutagenic Mind, and collaborates with other musicians with The Sonic Voyagers and Voiteck.

The Peninsula Program