Art & Installations

Art & installations will be integrated into the surroundings and exhibited in specific areas. The artists will be carefully chosen to make sure that traditional and modern techniques merge perfectly with our concept.

These creations will be in tune with our ZNA philosophy, which will make you experience unexpected beauty and mesmerising realities.

Stay tuned for the complete line-up and program!

Photography Team

Sara Constança

Born in Aveiro, Sara lives and works in Lisbon. Introduced to photography as a kid in her uncle’s lab, she concluded António Arroio summa cum laude in 1993 and studied art and photography in Ar.Co until 1996. Kept on learning from masters and students. Began practicing and teaching commercial and art photography early on, lecturing at the professional school EPBJC from 1993 and fine arts university FBAUL since 1998. She’s trained thousands of students for over 30y. After finishing her degree in philosophy at FCSH, UNL, in 2007, and becoming a published author, Sara translated her shooting and lab techniques to digital photography, aiming for high quality results by adapting the darkroom ways to the modern digital development. Having worked as a DJ since 1987 she’s been active on the scene since the 90s, becoming one of the strongest proponents of Psychedelic Goa Trance internationally. As ZNA co-founder Sara is simultaneously DJ, photographer and photography director.

ZNA website photography: RAW capture with manual digital development by Sara Constança

Amir Weiss

Israeli by birth, Amir has been a nomad photographer and videographer since 2013, living and working in music festivals around the world. He studied animation back home and became a self-taught photography professional. Started in the studio with model work and soon realised he was missing the outdoors. The opportunity came and Amir shifted to the festival scene as a visitor of Luminate Festival in Auckland, New Zealand. After that this life became his own and he made it into a profession, travelling around the globe. He’s focused on documenting festival life, the communities and the glamour of the alternative hippie psychedelic culture he experiences. We are happy to be part of it!

ZNA website photography: RAW capture by Amir Weiss with manual digital development by Sara Constança

Serhat Divrik

A videographer turned photographer, Serhat is a Turkish freelancing visual content creator located in Würzburg, Germany. After 25 years of work in graphic design, he fell in love with photography and film, starting out with a drone in 2016. Going deeper was the only way to go for him. Shooting in a festival gives him the same pleasure as filming weddings or doing corporate work. His passion for creating images comes along with the joy of travelling and meeting new people. Capturing wonderful memories is his way to visualize our love for life. Serhat is clearly an asset, focused on delivering all that is needed for the festival and more. It’s a blessing to have him on the team.

ZNA website photography: RAW capture by Serhat Divrik with manual digital development by Sara Constança

Raquel Dagge

Born and raised in Lisbon, Raquel has been shooting consistently since 2004. Photography is her powerful time traveling machine. She has participated as a volunteer hobbyist in many events, always aiming to represent the humanity of the moment. A friend and fan of ZNA since the very beginning it is quite clear for her this is a golden opportunity to do what she loves. Last edition she decided to accept our challenge to rise up in technical skill and has since then proved to be a capable photographer both with her uniquely experienced eye and an ability to shoot with quality under difficult circumstances. She has a great balance between enjoying the intensity of each moment and capturing it in a composition. No longer just an amateur, Raquel is now a resident member of ZNA Official Photography Team and we’re delighted to have her working with us.

ZNA website photography: RAW capture by Raquel Dagge with manual digital development by Sara Constança

Digital Team

Luis Flyp

Born in Lisbon, Portugal on the 1st of April of 1988, Flyp early found his calling in drawing, painting and writing. Following his natural vocation, life took him through the studies of graphic design, video editing, motion graphics, 2D & 3D animation and photography, and is currently taking his first steps in the area of video-mapping and VJing. All these years of studies, self-taught expertise, curiosity and passion for his work have made him specialize in visual content making.
Having grown up during the 90's deeply influenced by the psychedelic sounds of techno beats, house music and - you guessed it - goa trance, Flyp never really had the chance to experience and feel that real Trance vibe until he joined the ZNA crew back in 2012. Since then he got his ZNA reactivated and started to roam the Earth in search for the next most challenging creative quest, working as a digital nomad. His passion and dedication is such that he has already left his mark around the globe with his graphic and video skills, contributing for other international music festivals, theater plays and music bands, including worldwide renowned companies. Whatever project he picks up, he treats it as his own - and with ZNA is no different.
This is the guy that gives shape to all of the video animation and design content you see on behalf of ZNA Gathering - and we couldn't be more proud and happy to have such a creative graphic wizard on our side to materialize our ZNA dimension.

Javier Medellin Puyou

Javier Medellin Puyou, a.k.a. Jilipollo, is the creative shaman behind the graphic visuals for ZNA 2021 image. Mexico based, he started off his professional career as an architect, of which he has a degree, but due to some circumstances in life he eventually decided illustration would be what he wanted to do for a living. And we couldn't be more happy that he did - his art is simply truly mesmerizing! A self-taught artist with a huge will, Jilipollo's style is mainly influenced by the old Japanese prints, the Californian vintage aesthetics and pop iconography. When we saw his work we were in awe, and immediately knew that he would be the right person to create ZNA's 2021 retro-futuristic imagery. It's with a huge honor and pride that we welcome this international award-winning illustrator to our ZNA family!

Some publications, features and awards on his belt include: Illustration NOW! Vol. 4 (Edit. Taschen); Communication Arts; American Illustration; Latin American Illustration; Society of Illustrators of L.A.; Association of Illustrators (AOI); Creative Pool; The 3x3 Illustration Annual; Young Illustrators Award; Juxtapoz Magazine; Hiiibrand; Vice.


Márcio Loureiro is the artist behind the lens of all ZNA official films. Besides being one of the most talented directors out there today, he sees and feels our Zambu reality through his director's distinguished eyes, completely devoted to our concept and beliefs.

He strives to portray our unique 9 days of gathering with his creative mind make use of all his techniques, knowledge and mastery. It's as one of us and in the middle of the action that he gets inspired on how our ZNA history must be seen and felt, always respecting the Zambus' privacy, at the same time he focuses on the rare energy we all generate when we are together.

He certainly shares our ZNA, and it's a huge honor to have him on our Zambu team.