Gaëlle De Jaegher

Gaëlle De Jaegher

Yin Flow Yoga

Gaëlle has always been passionate about the art of living fully. This passion brings her to travel, to art and creation, dance, cooking, yoga, meditation & bodywork ... Connection always has an important role in this. Connecting with the body & soul, heart & belly; Connecting with the elements, the earth and the universe. Gaëlle experienced some intense transformations herself with yoga & bodywork. Amazed by the depths and healing powers within the body, the seeds were planted to study and learn more. With her sessions, she wants to invite you to connect, to manifest your true potential & to let your light shine!

During her Yin Flow Yoga sessions we connect to the wisdom of the body and go into a slow flow of breath, movement and meditation. Experiencing stillness in motion and allowing the body to open so energy starts flowing again and blockages can be released. This creates more space for softness, energy and freedom. Relaxing and energizing at the same time.

Gaëlle is going to give one-on-one Alchemic Body work sessions at the therapy tent, in which various techniques are used, such as pressure, massage, rhythm, energy, breathing and stretching. The emphasis is on releasing the deeper potential and experiencing your body as "home".

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