Célia Silva Ramos

Célia Silva Ramos

Mantra Concert & Meditation, Sadhana Meditation
Connect Expression Theatre

Célia has studied acting at the Academia Contemporânea do Espetáculo, has a degree in Dramatic Expression and Theatrical Creation and a post grad in Artistic Education and Theatre. She has been a part of various plays and performances and has studied and worked with Jessica Walker’s Spiritual and Experimental Theatre Laboratory in Barcelona. In 2011 she decided to go in search of other paths for her life. She has lived in communes, studied Ayurveda and strengthened her knowledge in Yoga, more specifically Kundalini. Célia had contact with shamanism, master plants and meditation as the best way to know and calm our inner selves.

Mantra Concert & Meditation – This concert is an invitation to experience the presence of meditation, of silence! With the challenge that each one can participate in the way they feel best and feel from their beings. It’s a free meditation with its own style and without dogmas. Inspired by Hinduism, Taoism, Christianity, Shamanism, but above all connected with truth and with the feeling of the present moment, to call our inner universe allowing us to leave the outside. Mantras, songs, words, stories, reflections, and physical movements will guide this journey, a journey for each one to enter also in its deepest shadow and to flourish the purest essence, harmonizing it with our being, creating a work of expansion of consciousness beyond the known limits and to vibrating the healing heart.

Connect theatre – The beginning of the session will be dedicated to meditation exercises with breathing and chanting of mantras. Soon afterwards, a vocal and emotional physical warm-up will be performed, followed by an individual trip with movement, dance, which each will do with oneself and with the group. An opportunity to unite the internal with the external space, and to live witnessing the movement / dance of life that happens spontaneously when we allow ourselves to warm from our interior to the outside, experiencing the expression of the body in presence and full consciousness.

Sadhana meditation – It’s a sequence of seven mantras, in which the group of participants accompanies with singing and with the various instruments available, such as maracas, drums, bells and bowls.

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