Blue Lions

Blue Lions

Yoga, Raga Concert, Mantras

This year will be the The Blue Lions second, and very welcomed, presence at ZNA. They are a band of Sikh warriors belonging to the ancient lineage of the Warrior Akali Nihang Singhs. They perform Spiritual Indian Classical music called kirtan, reciting mantras in specific ragas that have a profound effect on the mind and body to further become One with the Soul. The Akali Nihang Singhs live a life of service, a duty that is maintained within each moment for everything in existence.

This unconditional service is a core principle in the Sikh faith and is referred to as Seva. The Blue Lions travel around the world performing music in settings ranging from headlining the O2 London with Basement Jaxx, performing with Bob Dylan and Anna Phoebe, to small intimate ceremonies at private residences. They sold-out two concerts at the Royal Albert Hall, as well as performing at the Opéra de Monte-Carlo in Monaco. They also teach music, yoga, meditation, and perform ayurvedic shamanic medicine ceremonies from the Akali Nihang Warrior tradition.

The ‘Ragas‘ they play from Indian Classical Music have a profound effect on our energy field. Ragas are charged with prana/chi and help regenerate and restore our energy and balance. This music therapy emits a deep vibration which nourishes the listener. This brings harmony between the mind, body and soul. The Blue Lions begin with instrumental music and then sing different Ragas and compositions before beginning the mantra chanting. They play ancient stringed instruments like the ‘Taus’ which is very rare and was designed by the Sixth Sikh Guru.

Chanting is a deep practice that opens the heart to devotion or Bhakti. It calms the mind and helps us to release blockages, so the body can heal and our spirit can feel its natural freedom. There is a deep wisdom contained within the vibration of these Sikh Mantras and each individual has their own unique experience. Chanting replenishes the soul and unites us with one another and is the perfect way to experience the joy of singing in a group. There will also be explanations of the different Mantras and Bhajans, and what effect they will have on the chakras and our psyche.


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