Thomas Cabo

Thomas Cabo

Cosmic Fractals from Gabonese Shamanism
Reiki & Naturopathy

We are multi-dimensional beings, and as such we need to be aware of the influence of those energy levels beyond our physical beings. The chakra system consists of patterns of electro-magnetic energy centred on major nerve ganglia and endocrine glands. They act as point of intersection between various planes and function as receptors, assimilators and transmitters of life energy. On the physical level this energy has a direct influence on the endocrine system which, in turn, establishes communication between the various parts of the body through the release of hormones. There is a correlation between the knowledge of the pygmies of Gabon and the Mayan priests of Guatemala. The vortex is still open as life is perfect, the worst is always for the best.

Thomas’ therapeutic path was made in France and India. He is a naturopath and a 3rd degree Reiki Master who follows the tradition of Usui, based on love, the intention to do good purely formulated with intuition. He was initiated 15 years ago to the Bwitist tradition (spiritual practice of forest dwelling people in Gabon and Cameroon) of Gabon after many years of practice and seminars in Europe and he combines this knowledge for a more effective global traditional medicine.
Thomas will also be at the therapies area for individual sessions where he will put all his expertise and knowledge into practice.


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