Suze Elliot

Suze Elliot

Shamanism workshops
Shamanic body work, Massage & Bowen Technique

Suze is a Shamanic practitioner, facilitator of Shamanic workshops and Vision Quest, and an Intuitive therapist, who’s been working in this field for over 28 years. Originally Trained in Aromatherapy, many different forms of massage and bodywork, Reiki and The Bowen Technique, she worked in the UK National Health Service for 17 years with adults with severe challenging behaviour and special needs and it challenged her and helped her grow. From there, she became the first aromatherapist in the South of England, which led to further training and a deep love for the work she practices.

After a lot of intuitive experience, with shamanism, Suze has found her teacher, did Vision Quest, sweat lodges and trained as a Shamanic practitioner, met the drum and trained in The Wisdom of the Incas. Life then took on another meaning! One full of wonder and different choices, adventure and a new life.

She’ll come to ZNA to offer her experience of connection with the drum, spirit, Gaia and self, in workshops she has facilitated for the last eight years. Besides her workshops, you can have one-on-one sessions with her, as she’ll be part of the therapist team, applying all her knowledge in shamanism and Bowen therapy, providing to each what they need to heal.

Om mani padme hum
Suze will be at the therapies area for one-on-one sessions in massage, shamanic body work and Bowen technique

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