Shira Adler

Shira Adler

Conscious Breathing
Ecstatic Awakening Dance
Rebirthing, Reiki & Sound Healing

Ecstatic Awakening Dance™ is a method that was developed by Amoda Maa Jeevan in 1996. It is a fun, powerful transformational process that can helps us to re-connect to a natural state of Ecstasy. Using movement, repetitive beats and breath we nourish and revitalise, releasing endorphins, flushing out toxins, stuck energy and emotions. Feet pounding, heart drumming, blood pulsing, feeling the rhythm of our bodies, opening to the infinite source of energy and vitality that is available when we surrender to the flow

Conscious breathing – Being aware of your breath brings you into the present moment – the key to all inner transformation! 90% of us are using less than 50% of our breathing capacity. By using a connected breathing rhythm with no pause between inhalation and exhalation we are using 100% of our breathing capacity. This has practical value: it improves our physical health; it enables us to feel happier; it increases our ability to receive and give love. Conscious Breathing improves our energy level, which enables us to be more productive and lively. It can support us in healing childhood traumas. It enables us to relax, experience peace, transcendence, ecstasy, bliss and fills our bodies with fresh Life Energy).

Rebirthing is a natural way of opening our visionary state. It’s natural and amazing!
4 elements dance meditation is a guided powerful and fun healing journey of breath, movement, sound, guided visualization and more which will enables us to experience the 4 elements of life. The 4 elements are a vital part of us: some of them are more dominant and some are less, through this journey we will be able to connect more to these elements, to feel them, to connect to our source! Through this journey we will experience emotional release, freedom and silence peace and love.
Shira will also be present at the therapies area with rebirthing, reiki and sound healing sessions.

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