Sara Palácios & Joel Silva

Sara Palácios & Joel Silva


Sara studied and combines Anthropology with Dance. She has worked in different artistic areas such as programming, creation, interpretation, pedagogy, production... and the list goes on. In the various paths that she has travelled, finding Contact-Improvisation has presented her a material way to try out her questions and answers, to co-create a field – constantly dynamic and in relation – of search, observation and experience. Contact-Improvisation allows her to think with the body about values, ethics and philosophies that are fundamental to her development as an individual.

Joel started his path with martial arts, dancing and therapies until he found Contact-Improvisation in 2012. Through listening, communication, observation, feelings, he found what he had sought incessantly – to be able to express himself as a whole at the present moment. Since then he has dedicated himself to the research of movement in its total authenticity, having the experience of several festivals, jams and lessons a bit throughout Europe and Asia.


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