Sacha Murphy & Tiarnan O’Sullivan

Sacha Murphy & Tiarnan O’Sullivan

Herbal Health

Sacha’s inspiration has been Nikki Darrell, a Mná Feasa ( Woman with knowing). She started learning under her a few years back and completed an introductory to herbal medicine and then a two year herbal apprenticeship. She has began re-learning her connection to plants and herbal medicine.
Tiarnan was qualified in Community Herbalism by The Plant Medicine School in County Cork, Ireland, with the guidance and teaching of his mentor Nikki Darrel. During this two year apprenticeship he developed close bonds with many plants, allies that supported him through his ongoing journey of evolution and healing. In line with his teacher's practise, one of Tiarnan's main aims with the practise of herbalism is to help facilitate people in accessing the medicine, through encouraging and helping people to grow their own medicinal plants, including the plants in cooking and in teas, and making simple preparations and sharing them with friends and neighbours. The plants have so much to offer us and to teach us, especially when we slow down enough to listen to them.

Working & playing with the plants helps us to remember who we really are. As we discern and feel our way back to ourselves, each other and to the planet during these chaotic times, the plants become some of our most important allies. The purpose of this workshop is to create a space where we can make contact with the plants and create some medicine together. We will begin with a journey in which we will use the sound of a medicine drum to contact a plant ally and open the space for making the medicine. We will then make some simple herbal preparations together, and discuss various ways of how we can symbiotically work with the plants and support each other. We will focus largely on those plants that are locally available and that can be easily grown and used in our own homes. With the plants connecting us, together we can help each other to remember those things we may have forgotten. Samples will be provided at the workshop ~ simply bring yourself and your curiosity.


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