Rita Maldonado

Rita Maldonado

Liquid Dance

Rita is a Portuguese aquatic therapist who facilitates regular dance and water therapy workshops in Lisbon and Sintra. She also organizes events in other parts of the country and participates in several festivals. Apart from Portugal, she has facilitated aquatic sessions in Spain, Israel, Jordan, Brazil and Hungary. She dreams of sharing her passion for water dancing with everyone so we can all raise our aquatic consciousness for the protection of the planet's waters. "We meet altogether on land. In a guided meditation, we meet with ourselves and with others. And so the journey begins. A meditative dance from the land to the water, where we enter in a conscious way, connecting with each element, dissolving. In the water we start exploring the fluid movement, our liquid body and a freely dance. We dive in a parallel dimension, dancing lightly on the surface, floating and "flying" in the water, as a family of aquatic creatures.


Instagram: @liquidlovemoments
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