Rita Gouveia, aka Tree

Rita Gouveia, aka Tree

Inner dance and Contemporary movement

Tree is the name that inspires Rita every day! She studied dance and works every day exploring creative movement, art and nature, often simultaneously. Rita believes that we all have our own movement, the more we explore body language the more we get free and dive through soul and self-knowledge, dance is undoubtedly a form of pleasure but also a self-discovery and therapy.

Creative Lab - Inner Dance & Contemporary Movement
The contemporary movement opens doors for the discovery of the dance movement itself, uses creative tools for an inner awakening and body feel, very revealing of body language and energetic. Inspired by nature, music and the body in motion, this creative laboratory is born with the intention of being a place of experimentation, exploration, listening to the movement and corporal silence, unfolding the materiality and corporal poetry, based on elements of the contemporary and creative dance.


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