Rami Eid

Rami Eid


Rami has been a practitioner of Capoeira for a bit over 13 years. As he progressed and delved into his Capoeira journey, he realized he could use it to give back to society. He has been able to work with under privileged youths and refugees, which is sorely needed in the Middle East. He worked in refugee camps to help kids have a chance to express themselves, and an avenue to get their minds off of the misery and challenges they're going through. He has also worked with the general public, by having an adults and kids programme, therefore making it a Capoeira Team. He taught it in schools and universities over the years, with a goal to spread the magic of Capoeira. Whether people are beginner or advanced movers, his workshops cater to people of all levels, and from all walks of life. Capoeira is for everyone. Besides his Capoeira skills, Rami is also an Aromatherapy therapist, and will join our healing team for one-on-one sessions.



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