Marleen & Charlotte

Marleen & Charlotte

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Shibari Healing and Tantric Shibari Healing

Marleen is a Shibari Artist, Yoga Facilitator, Pranayama/Deep Breathing Coach and a passionate Tantra and Sacred Sexuality Practitioner. She loves and is at ease to create a safe and loving space for Sacred Sexuality offering Sensual Shibari Journeys and Tantric Shibari Healings. She has also a lot of experience as a facilitator for Shibari workshops which is her main employment on Koh Phangan in Thailand, where she has built up a Shibari Community.

Charlotte is a Yoga, Rebirthing/Breathwork and Sacred Sexual Facilitator, who has been dedicated to her passion for Shibari. She has tied up many men and women all over the world, not only for performances and workshops, but also in her work with Tantric Shibari healing ( Charlotte is not only a very skilled Shibari practitioner, but she has also been working with sexuality and sexual therapy and energies for 14 years.

Shibari healing is for people that wish to go deeper within themselves by surrendering not only to the ropes, but to stored and unexpressed emotions such as fear, sorrow, guilt, shame and anger, and through surrender let those negative emotions drain away. Using guided breathing techniques and sensory deprivation (blindfold) combined with gentle music, we will slowly lead you into a safe and loving space, a place of vulnerability and surrendering where you can express and exorcise your unconscious and unexpressed feelings.

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