Juliana Carvalho

Juliana Carvalho

Yoga Flow

In love with dance and movement since an early age, and dedicated to Theater for many years Ju, as she likes to be called, found in Yoga a path to harmony, vitality, happiness and fulfilment. After several years of practicing Hatha Yoga and later Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, and moved by the experiences and transformations of this powerful tool in her own life, the teaching of Yoga has become inevitable, in line with the will to share this ancient wisdom.

In addition to guiding Yoga classes from Monday to Friday in her space, where she is also dedicated to Ayurveda therapy, Ju also facilitates workshops and teaches in other spaces, and recently participated as a yoga assistant, facilitator and Yoga teacher at Festivals such as: Lisbon Yoga Festival, Porto Yoga Festival, Connection Festival and Insomnia Festival.

Ju will be presenting Yoga Flow Workshops. Much more than a set of psychophysical exercises, the ancient practice of Yoga teaches us a path to longevity, to liberation, and to attain a higher consciousness. We flow through the postures (asana) chained and tuned to the breath (pranayama), bringing the consciousness to all levels of our being. Guided to discover our true essence, this is a practice where movement-breathing dance invites you to create space (mental, physical, emotional and energetic) while respecting your boundaries in a harmonious and sustained way.

You can expect a dynamic but rooted practice where flexibility, focus, breathing and full presence, rather than simple benefits, become indispensable tools for a more balanced and authentic life, on and off the mat. This is an invitation, where the most experienced practitioners fit in with the curious to experience the life-changing power of this millennial practice.

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