Erez Bialer

Erez Bialer

Community Building
Crystal Healing Workshop

Erez is an Israeli activist who began collecting crystals when he was 9 years old. By the time he was in high school he began exercising magical passes derived from Native American and eastern cultures, and has ever since continued exploring and studying crystals and their effects on humans, as witnessed in various cultures, old and new.

While travelling in Europe, the United States and Central America, Bialer was exposed to alternative lifestyles, promoting eco-awareness, sustainability and permaculture, while engaging in active community life – something that was relatively lacking in the Israeli secular metropolitan society of those times.

After working for a major crystal supplier in Israel, Bialer opened his own online crystal shop and began selling various specimens he acquired during his travels. Along with others, he started actively establishing the Israeli extension of the international alternative eco-queer movement - the Radical Faeries, also known locally as Canaan Faeries.Just before completing his Bachelor of Arts in Media & Management, specializing in digital advertising, Bialer began producing quarterly assemblies for the group, slowly forming a community. Later on the group took over an abandoned permaculture farm and turned it into a queer safe haven – a centre for arts, peace and sustainability named Adamama Farm. The farm was located very near the border with Gaza and had mud houses and locally grown produce, as well as various workshops hosted in it to promote peace, while practicing communal living and alternative decision-making processes such as Sociocracy.

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