Cannabis Conference Cycle

Cannabis Conference Cycle

More and more the use of cannabis and hemp is getting to the wider population in a vast majority of the countries in our sphere. Known for its therapeutic and nutritional value, its use in all sorts of industries, its potential as a construction material and its recreational use, cannabis is more and more part of our lives, as it should.

Cannadouro, the promoter of these conferences, is an international fair already in its third edition and with a promising future. Their aim is to promote the public debate and within civil society, regarding the use of hemp in all its aspects: industrial, recreational and medicinal, while contributing to the information of users and promoting the conscious use of cannabis in order to prevent and minimize individual and public health problems.


João Carvalho – Cannadouro – Elementary History of Hemp in Portugal

João Vasconcelos – Co-Founder of Pró-Cânhamo and Cannativa, horticulturist at Cannamed, Lda

Margarida Ferreira – Lawyer – Juridic Frame of Cannabis in Portugal

João Costa – Cannacasa – Construction Techniques with Hempcrete

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