Andra Visan & Aric Gutnick

Andra Visan & Aric Gutnick

Water Dance workshop - Water therapies

After receiving her first Aguahara session in Mexico, Andra has discovered a whole new world full of stillness, calm and harmony…right inside her. Since then, her connection to water has changed, becoming very profound and special…she doesn’t swim the water anymore, she dances! Ever since, she took a 3 week training in Ibiza where she learned how to facilitate Aguahara sessions herself, and there she discovered her passion for water dancing. She offers Auguahara sessions in Bucharest, Romania and wherever she travels in the world, (re)connecting people to the water and to their own inner stillness.

Aric has been exploring cultures and their flow since 2006. As a multi-instrumentalist and cinematographer, he focuses on telling inspiring stories through documentary and sound exploration. In 2015 he found the medium of Water as a new and individualised way of accompanying people on their own journeys into themselves with full sensory explorations. Since then, with multiple training courses of Aguahara, he has been giving sessions that can connect clients with water and themselves in a much deeper, flowing way. There is intelligence in water that has no limits and can assist us to break down our own obstacles to reach past our limits. He has been travelling around the continents offering Aguahara treatments and water experience workshops that encompass body movement in water, showing individuals different ways of experiencing this incredible water medium which is so plentiful on our earth.

Andra and Aric contribution at the festival will take us to water dance and we can count on them for one-on-one sessions of Aguahara.

Water Dance – Returning to the Water

The main idea behind this workshop is to create an active meditation where we tune in with our body and we surrender it to the water, progressing into an individual water dance exploration and ending with a group water dance. The group water dance uses contact improvisation elements, but because the eyes are closed, the whole body becomes the way through which we perceive what is happening around us, enhancing our awareness.


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