If you had the chance to experience Xenomorph's performances at the last ZNA Gathering editions, you already know his capability of creating the most terrifying and majestic dark-psy environment you can undergo at a psy trance celebration.

We know many of you loved to experience his exclusive performances at our Gathering; he also loves to come and loves our dancefloor. In fact, Mark has been accepting to perform his Xenomorph project only at ZNA Gathering, as he has walked away from stages and has been focusing himself in his own music and production inside the studio.

The psy veteran Mark Petrick is considered by many as the father of horror / dark-trance, a unique and unprecedented style that was branded in his tracks like "Obscure Spectre", in 1996.

His live sets are considered by many dancefloor dwellers as the most extreme psy-experience anyone could have at a party, and only a few producers were ever able to achieve such a twisted musical environment. It's not Heavy Metal, it's Heavy Mental! - and we love it!!!

This will be the moment to let yourself go and fall into Xenomorph's strong, powerful arms - his creative embrace, dark as it may be, will cradle you in an elegant fine balance between beauty and bestiality... transporting you to the Limbo between his most dark dreams and psychedelic nightmares.

We are both horrified and delighted to live this extended and rare experience with you once again!


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