We proudly present one of the finest music producers of our times, and another essential piece of our next meeting.

That´s right Robert Elster as accepted our invitation to join us for the next edition in order to bring back one of the most well-known Scandinavian trance projects which he founded with Rickard Berglof in the mid-nineties. This will be an absolute Zambu delight!!

For almost 2 decades, before they shut down the project back in 2011, this duo became responsible for many of the best moments many of us ever experienced at a trance party.

Why? Because when played in the right time, their music has the power to turn the coldest mountain into an emotional flame. And at by end of day we have to agree that these are feelings that make us realize that we did do something right along our human evolution.

Well, you may not agree with such a statement but one thing is undeniable: their unique grooves combined with their majestic melodies are the perfect musical formula to fuel a beautiful and epic afternoon at the unforgettable ZNA dancefloor…

To make it truly memorable we just need your energy on the dancefloor.

We share ZNA


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