One of those names that rings in your dancefloor ears, and reminds you of distant magical mindscapes you've visited while under their musical spell…

This name is a true legend. He rarely plays in Europe, which only makes it even more special.
His music creates an incredible multifaceted plethora of psychedelic journeys, immersing the dancefloor into an absolute alternative reality...

At ZNA headquarters we were absolutely unanimous about his presence... We are stoked to unveil the heavy weight musical genius behind the Ubar Tmar project.

Takeshi Isogai from Japan, has been creating his experimental psychedelic music since the mid-nineties. Since then, his live performances became considered true musical labyrinths in which the dancer can never predict what's about to come.
We believe that these kind of performances are quite rare nowadays and that only a handful of artists are actually capable of presenting such an abstract and epic show.

As an artist, this "freakiest Japanese on Earth" loves to explore different genres and trough his masterful production skills, he is constantly redefining the boundaries of Goa/Psytrance music.

At the next ZNA you can expect a 3-hour exquisite performance from the master himself. He will surely redefine the way many of us perceive our psychedelic musical experiences…

See you on the Dancefloor!!!


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