Tsuyoshi Suzuki

Tsuyoshi Suzuki

Finally, we can proudly announce one of the most expected artists for our Gathering.

A Psychedelic Samurai from the land of the rising sun known among us as the great Tsuyoshi Suzuki, who is in fact, one of the true pioneers of our scene.

Involved in multiple projects such as Prana (earlier known as Taiyo) , Return to the Source and the amazing Matsuri Records (which was reopened and was rebranded as Matsuri Digital), he owned the responsibility of being one of the shapers of the psychedelic trance music and culture.

His musical journeys were known back in the days as true milestone sets were the audience is always taken by surprise as he loves to mix different styles and sounds. Always aiming to guide the dancefloor and the dancers into an epic psychedelic experience, he transformed his performances into real legends. Specially after he decided to develop his artistic side on other musical genres which diverted him away from the psychedelic trance scene for almost a decade.

Well, the long wait finally reaches its end and we will be able to experience a really long, nostalgic journey at the next ZNA edition from master Suzuki himself.


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