A project from Poland which even before becoming known for their experimental techno minimal music, were really good in taking the psytrance dancefloor to a higher state of euphoria with a pinch of magic.

Actually, this combination in their production used to be their trademark back in the days and we can definitely say it made wonders for everyone who sought for a little bit more than the explosion sensations and colourful melodies that have been giving Goa Trance the unique and special touch we all love so much.

Their name is Tomek Roehr and Grzegorz Magnuszewski and together they formed back in the 90´s, Tromesa and/or Promesa Goa trance musical project and Bigwigs for their experimental soundscapes. Nowadays Grzegorz is known by his amazing Kino OKO musical projects.

But at ZNA Gathering you can expect a performance from this duo which aims to revive all those euphoric Tromesa and Promesa moments.

It will be a huge challenge for the duo but most importantly, it will spawn a energetically wonderous moment on the dancefloor. That´s all we care about!

So, make sure you let yourself experience psy/goa trance from these Polish outstanding musicians. You can be sure that will not regret it."



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