Our favourite duo has been unleashing all their energy and powerful funky music during the 3 previous editions. And as big ZNA and music enthusiasts, they are always thinking about the experience of the dancer first.
They were debating about how they could do to rightfully honour all the monster past performances they accustomed us to. They have come up with the perfect idea!!
For their next ZNA performance, they are bringing one of their closest friends (which by chance is “only” one of the most expected artists ever for our biannual celebration in order to increase (even more) our levels of dopamine production while we are exposed to their mastery.

The time has come where all of us will get this ultra-rare opportunity to see on the same stage ManMadeMan and Tristan, merging all their knowledge and energy to manifest into our collective existence a proper psychedelic journey through their huge musical legacy.

We also believe it’s quite relevant to acknowledge that even though they collaborate from time to time in the studio and have under their belt tracks which are considered true legacies of the goa/psy trance scene, this specific joint performance was tested only once and it is not meant to become a project. This means this may certainly be their 2nd and last one together in this mode (we hope not). .

So, our suggestion is: do everything you can to make sure you do not miss these 3 brilliant minds sharing the ZNA stage. Specially because this is in fact happening, because they wish to express their respect for such a special crowd and the unique concept of the ZNA!!"




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