Toï Doï

Toï Doï

He was one of the secret weapons from Goa Gil's musical sets in party rituals back in the days...

Gilles Coia, known on the dancefloor as Toï Doï, is a French music producer who has been writing really good music since the beginning of the 90's. As psy-trance music evolved, Toï Doï established himself as a producer who is capable of bringing out the most outstanding intense sounds for the dark peak of the night.

His legacy is imprinted in all of us by a vast musical catalogue that he will unleash at the ZNA Gathering. A vision that will surely take us to a pure state of trance. He even confessed that he is so committed to overcoming our expectations, that he will shape an exclusive psychedelic as fu&k performance, with nothing but the very best of his music.

It's a huge honour for us to finally host Gilles for the 1st time, especially because we have always been huge fans of his work as a musician; he shaped his own musical expression, unaffected by what everyone else were or is doing, this has naturally allowed him to forge his own signature that, for us, makes him unique so and great.
If you love to experience unique signature music, to be surprised and to explore new sensations, make sure you don't miss his performance.

We will surely not!!!"


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