Sven has been exploring the intense side of psychedelic trance for the last 2 decades.

He started as a DJ, but in the end of the 90's - together with 2 other free souls - he created his own musical project called Charasmatix. This project became known for delivering deep soundscapes that elevated the dancefloor into the higher realms of magic psychedelia. Even though they produced their music in a sort of minimal language, the final outcome was brutal and awesome in many aspects, offering a unique musical experience that many of us were seeking for in a party experience.

From our perspective, this kind of music has all the ingredients needed to achieve a superior state of trance. Carefully crafted music, to be played solely on the dancefloor.

Since those days, Sven Looping has been exploring his DJ skills rather more than his producer side, which has been allowing him the freedom he seeks in his performances, and currently he is known for putting out terrifying sets meant to be experienced during the peak hours of the night. Considering all the knowledge in his musical "bag", we had to challenge him to show us all a bit of his wisdom, and take us into the ride we all long for...

What does this mean? This means that Sven will wipe the dust from his epic music collection and will do something he has long been longing for: to drive us through a powerful psychedelic music journey like you might never have heard before, played to a proper "Zambu" audience that'll experience it fully, in such an intense trip that shares our vision and resonates with our ZNA core.


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