They are two of the biggest musical revolutionaries who ever existed. Mathias Rumoeller and Marco Minichelli's S.U.N. Project's one-of-a-kind concept restructured the History of Music since its birth in 1996, as it was one of the first to combine the highly interactive live performance of a band with the hypnotic power of trance music.

After 13 years of sharing their vision around the globe the band divided into two different projects with the same type of live show performance, continuing to spread their rebellious sounds throughout the years. Those of us that have had the luck to be present at one of their early performances can testify how deeply this revolution changed our lives.

Using the words of Gil Scott Heron: "The revolution will not (and cannot) be televised." - it has to be seen, heard, and felt live. And at ZNA Gathering 2019 we will again have the exclusive opportunity to "Dance with the Witches" at "The edge of Time"!

Let your fire burn with flames of pure excitement and happiness that only the S.U.N. Project knows how to fuel. Step back in time with us and relive their rebellious spirit and mutinous passion for music in their specially tailored Retro Live Show, as we dance to it together once again, in the beautiful forest of our gathering.


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