Anthony Sillfors was producing music since the mid 90´s but it was during the end of the decade that he got the well deserved recognition from the scene.

A time when trance music was being explored in different perspectives for the 1st time...
Producers back then were using different musical backgrounds in order to give the public distinct experiences within the psychedelic approach.

In our case, he gained our full attention during epic edition of Boom Festival 2000. That´s right 18 years ago we first heard the amazing exclusively S-Range set which later became, for many of us, one of the highlights of that specific edition.
His music can be described as the finest example of the Scandinavian progressive trance movement. It´s true that he also explored other approaches during his long career, but at ZNA Gathering this is the one we want to revive.

So, finally after all the years we will be able to share, for old times sake, all of his most precious gems.

We are really excited about this performance and we can´t wait to share it with you.


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