Ray Castle vs Masa

Ray Castle vs Masa

We were really thrilled with the idea of having Ollie Olsen aka Shaolin Wooden Men at the next ZNA edition. However, his health situation does not allow him to travel.

Before we announced his confirmation at ZNA 2019 he got a green light from his doctor to attend at our gathering, but after new developments he was strongly advised not to come, as it could deteriorate his condition. We wish this true musical genius all the strength and energy he needs to live the life a man like him wants and deserves.

As you know this would be a B2B set with the legend himself Ray Castle, which left us with a really difficult task - to make up for the musical experience we were expecting to have at this next ZNA edition. Fortunately, some good light shed on us; a few days ago we got a message from MASA, the Japanese maestro, asking us if we would like to host him again this year.

When we told Ray about it he immediately told us that he and MASA have a huge connection on stage, and that even though we understood our frustration he feels that MASA just might raise the stakes with his unique energy.

So we proudly present you the exclusive performance with these two gentleman - MASARAY aka Ray Castle vs MASA . Something that may not happen again so easily in the future. So make sure you don't miss this opportunity! We know we won't.


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