Dear ZNA Heads,

Tonight we bring to you one of those acts which can only happen in the alternative reality generated by our gathering.

That´s right, having Mark Allen and Tim Halley sharing the same stage once again as Quirk is not only a dream come true for many of us, its also a huge accomplishment. Brought about by the reputation you created by making our dancefloor one of the most special that our current scene is able to generate. Specially when you consider what they have accomplished as musicians with the "Quirk" chapter of their careers, and how much that mean to us all.

We all can still feel the significant impact they left on our scene and minds after all these years.

Who doesnt remember the effect they provoked on the dancefloor every time they played that legendary ping pong sound!? Great times indeed....

It´s a fact that their music is abstract, and that its meant to explore a world of psychedelia without boundaries or rules. Its also a fact that it´s not "easy listening music" but that´s also what makes Quirk so special and unique to all.

The interesting part is that they are still regarded as an act whose tracks are all among the most difficult tracks a DJ can use in a set. Mostly because of their complexity and lack of preset formulas. Few, are the ones blessed with the high level of skill required to use their music even nowadays in order to surprise or leave a mark on the dancefloor... Every time that does happen, the experience is beyond amazing!!!

So we couldn't be more excited by knowing that for the 1st time in decades, we will be blessed to have such an ultimate and rare opportunity to see them performing live together. This shows us, that even though they chose to explore different musical directions they, are still able to unleash an unique psychedelic journey. Few artists can do that...

And that´s why we strongly advice you to join us on this musical journey and see for yourself how amazing our reality is!

We share ZNA


: : :