Pied Piper Paul

Pied Piper Paul

It's true we said our mainfloor line-up was already complete... But how could we say no to an artist who has taken us into the wilderness of psytrance so many times in the past, letting us explore his world - and ourselves -, using nothing but his vast musical experience and excellent selection? Not in a million years!

So it's our huge pleasure and honor to add Pied Piper Paul to our next edition's line-up. We have to say that we are touched by the huge respect he has been showing for ZNA Gathering, and it's with a warm heart and open arms that we welcome him into our family. After so many years, we will have the opportunity to listen once again to our favorite hippie from Auckland!

His sets are known to be deep and intense, so make sure you bring your best dancing skills and strongest vibes to the dancefloor while we travel deep into the night and (re)discover some of the most amazing Wonders of the Past, reminiscences of the golden age of the progressive psytrance legacy.

Expect a deep downunder musical journey that will redefine your psychedelic experience, guided by decades of experience on the decks.

Experience his finest gems at the ZNA dancefloor. Prepare ur self to be wondered.


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