Paulo Lopes

Paulo Lopes

A unique artist who, empowered by his visual impairment, has been ever evolving through new sound dimensions, creating an imaginary of his own and expanding the boundaries of the psychedelic music as we know it. His singular awareness of sounds and stunning perception result in mind-blowing journeys that have been widening the trance music spectrum into new levels.

Paulo Lopes was born in Portugal and immigrated to France when he was 6, and it was at this age that he lost his sight due to genetic causes. Becoming partially sighted inspired him to pursue his life passion: Music. He studied classical piano until 15, graduated in both Economy and History at Paris VII University., and it was in the end of the 80's that he got caught up in the advent of electronic dance music and the emergent raves, teknivals and parties in France and Northern Europe. Paulo began to get involved with party organizations and was one of the earliest enthusiasts of the Goa Trance scene in Paris back then. In 1992, his musical background, passion and undeniable skills guided him into becoming an electronic music artist, one of the first Portuguese trance DJs to emerge.

His sets back in the Zambu forest are still deeply engraved in our ZNA gene, a music so primeval and pristine, that boosted us into hidden dimensions of sound. When listening to this Shaman one can understand the true definition of psychedelia - as Dr Humphrey Osmond once coined it, "mind manifesting".

And at this next Gathering we will, once again, have the opportunity to dive deep into the oceans, run freely in the fields and fly gracefully through the skies of Paulo's worlds, materializing his intention and our desire of world change into dance.

Welcome to the psychedelic universe of Paulo Lopes - come prepared to have your senses expanded up into new levels of perception and reality that you've never experienced before.


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