This will be a moment that in which we will be able to revive or to experience just this once. In order to experience it you will have to joins us on the dancefloor in this next ZNA Gathering edition.

Who are these guys?
Well, They are the Noosphere which is a name that transports all of us to those times when the most brilliant German musicians minds were shaping a new sub-gender within the Techno and underground electronic dance music scene later known as Psychedelic Goa Trance.

This project was conceived in the X-Dream labs and even though it was lead by Niels Paschen and Eberhard Schullz it was also secretly supervised by the genius mind beyond X-Dream and The Delta known as Marcus Michael. He played a very important role in the production of their music. Few people knows this but as a matter of a fact these 2 minds were responsible for producing the all time anthems like As a Child I Could Walk On The Ceiling or Vector to name a few.

Upon releasing an album in the end of the 90´s by trough the legendary Twisted Records, it immediately became a milestone of our scene.
From our perspective, they were the ones who specialized and were able to deliver the morning side of the industrial German psychedelic harsh style which these guys were known to craft and unleash upon the dancefloors. Who were these guys? They were Midimilliz, Spirallienz, The Delta, 3.Turn, COP and the of course the almighty, X-Dream.

At ZNA you can all expect a performance lead by Niels and Marcus who will share the stage once again, after all these years for the sake of the our experience.

Last but not least, we would like you to acknowledge that this moment will only be possible because there is one man who has been proving himself as a true ZNA addict that who knows just what our dancefloor needs and is asking for, in order to set itself on emotional fire. His name is Alex Tolstey and he is a true brother and for us a revered artist and mastermind.


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