A name that takes us on a trip back in time; a time we recall as the magical years of the psytrance trance scene in Goa... A safe haven for wandering free souls, where everyone was invited to coexist and celebrate in harmony, far away from the pressures and geopolitical issues of a modernized society.

These were the days when many of us had the chance to experience - for the very first time in mankind history - a type of music generated in a digital world, with the main purpose of transmuting intense party moments into shamanic and sensory rituals. The repetitive and funky drone-like basslines inherited from industrial and electronic body music (the then-called "computer music") combined with the organic samples and tribal melodies influenced by India's spiritual culture throughout the 80's, changed the way we live music forever.

These gatherings generated such an intense, pure and beautiful energy that it didn't take long for the trance scene to grow and become known in all corners of the world. People started hearing rumours and naturally the interest and curiosity started to grow, and so many dancers started to travel to this remote place, moved by the desire to live such an idyllic way of life.

For many reasons there are few registrations of the names directly connected to those times; however, and luckily for us, there are still a few active musicians in the scene that continue to wow us with their musical and technical wisdom from the Past.

One of the most respected DJs at that time was Miko from California Sunshine project. His passion for music and performance made him one of the few artists that knew how to carry out really long sets. Needless to say, his appearances in Goa brought epic moments and memories for the few hundreds of us that had the luck to be there back then, in the right place and time.

Now, after such a long time of genuine goa-trance music deprivation, the right place and time will be at the ZNA Gathering in 2019, as Miko has agreed to show us a little bit of how special those times really where. He is committed to use all his decades of experience and musical selection in order to take us to the next level of dancing experience.

We expect to see you all at the dancefloor for such an magical performance. We know we will be there!


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