An artist who was born inside the Zambu community decades ago, while Psy trance was still taking its first steps here in Portugal.

As a very creative and capable artist and craftsman, he became a valuable member of many production teams. A man you can see on stage as a master musician, and on the ground, building and organizing structures, land art, water systems, electrical grids, trusses - whatever is needed to make the party starting and going, he is there to make it happen.

We are, obviously, talking about DJ Migas, one of the minds and muscles who has been with us since the first outbreaks of ZNA and who is also responsible for its inception. A musical virtuoso who at an early age started to participate in bands as a bassist, in the realms of harder and darker rock sub genres. Around 1994 he started looking at dj'ing and electronic sounds as a way to transmit his singular style, an experimental and unique mental type of dance music, with no boundaries. His eclectic musical taste made him fall in love with psy trance and chill, as he felt that it encompassed all his influences and diverse tastes. Inevitably, he became a top Dj and soon after a masterful musical producer.

It was around this time that he helped to give birth to the Good Mood team as an important part of the genesis of the Boom Festival, and he's been a part of our ZNA team and resident DJ even before day one. Always one of the first to arrive on-site and one of the last to leave, a true brother and warrior.

Whether he is dj´ing or playing live, his impeccable technique and virtuous ear stand out and leave their mark...

Do not miss this opportunity and join us on the dancefloor and let's let ourselves get emerged in DJ Migas deep night environments, known among dark atmosphere lovers to breakdown human resistance towards insanity on the dancefloor...


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