Message From God quality become more imposing and clear as the years went by. Stripped from the hypes and tendencies of those times, their Art can now be truly appreciated as the master piece it is.

As Goa Trance fans look back, after all this years, the majority realize just how special their legacy really is.
The first tree albums they did are now considered as milestones of the Psy Goa history. Their music is a perfect definition of this style, although it also explores a deeper approach to its characteristic melodic roots and sounds.

MFG invite us all to cast prejudice aside and experience the light side of the psychedelic trance experience. Filled with dancing explosions and emotions in its own way. However and after being exposed to our dancers, Guy now knows exactly what moves souls on the ZNA dancefloor. So if you loved his performance back in 2015, you will be rendered to his masterly work with this next one.
Yes, because he will use all his musical legacy which empowers weapons of Love and Art in order to offer us the ultimate life shifting musical experience... How great is that?


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