Menis & Semsis

Menis & Semsis

This is an act that was used back in the days when the marvellous time came to transform the party into a intense psychedelic ride into the cosmos...

Even though, in our perspective, he was underestimated like some others, he was one of the real golden acts for the legendary nights managed by Koyote Records, a label run by Dara-Lee himself - who, by the way, also participated in some of the tracks Menis produced.

You might also recognize Nick Smith aka Menis as one of the masterminds beyond Semsis, the project he co-founded at the time with Ian Rive from Cydonia.

Unfortunately for the scene, he chose a different path in his life, and is now a successful audio and sound designer for commercial, documentaries and movies.

As a musician he was known for his industrial, heavy and intense tracks, and at ZNA Gathering we will give us a rare opportunity to re-experience these masterpieces on our magical Zambu dancing-ground...

We are confident that his high-quality psychedelic music will mess with our dancers sense of sanity - and even our own. Do you think you are emotionally ready for this?

Well, one way or another we are sure you will love it!!


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