Medicine Drum

Medicine Drum

In our perspective, this live show has all the right ingredients.... We can already imagine the sun going down, and our collective energy and excitement getting reframed by the enthusiasm of being there at that moment... Knowing we made it, and that we are about to start another unique bi-annual Gathering. Sensing all these wonderful mixed feelings until... that moment!
The moment when we are confronted by the very first notes, coming out from the soundsystem. What we all been waiting to hear since we arrived at the ZNA Land will then be materialised. It´s when all our body and movements start to struggle between the excitement of dance or the impulse of feling overwhelmed.
We love this moment. Don´t you? Specially when it´s conducted by such an experienced and legendary group of musicians.

Medicine Drum was original founded by Chris Deckker in the mid nineteens. And got their worldwide recognition trpugh their mastery of blending all sorts of musical fusions with the single propose to take the audience into a pure tribal shamanic celestial experience.
At ZNA Gathering Chris Deckker will share the stage with Andy Guthrie, also known for his 100th Monkey musical project and for being one of the former members of Banco De Gaia, and the beautiful voice and energy of our dear friend Irina Mikhailova who is a crucial piece of the Star Sound Orchestra band (know known as Star Sound Kontinuum), Kaya Project and last but not least our ZNA code.

A meaningful music ritual witch aims to set the pace for the next days of our authentic Retro-Futuristic psychedelic visions and experience. All to be shared together under those majestic trees and the beautiful lake that surrounds us at the ZNA Land .


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