Mark Allen

Mark Allen

The time as come to finally host the legendary man behind Quirk and the epic "Return to the Source" parties.

Sir. Mark Allen has been an active artist in the scene since the beginnings of the 90´s. Mostly known for taking the party to a higher level of psychedelia, he mixes different styles and formulas, thus becoming a true genius for many and a misunderstood eccentric for some. Looking back, we now believe that Mark was a true visionary. An artist who never let standard rules and formulas limit him. As a matter of fact, he loves to show the dancefloor how unexpected a psy-trance ceremony should always be.

Since those days, every time we found him behind the decks we saw all his experience being used as a tool to open and elevate our mind and soul.

At the next ZNA Gathering edition you can expect all his experience and vast musical awareness to lead us again into epic journeys, where one just has to let oneself go and we are sure you'll be marvelled with his genius.

This is exactly how a psy-trance journey should always be prepared. With no boundaries and no expectations. It´s all about the moment, where we are connected by a collective experience and nothing else.

Well, one thing is undeniable: he is definitely one of the biggest psy-trance pioneers that were missing on our previous editions but that finally ends now!"


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