The time as come to bring back to our stage, one of the last psytrance original pioneers who is still standing tall in the scene today.

Since the end of the 80´s ,Frank-E has been responsible for shaping and designing the future of the music we all love so much. Among all his achievements there is one we believe has distinguished him from all others. KoxBox was born in 1989 and after being signed up by Dj Sven Väth to his legendary Harthouse label, their music immediately became a reference to many of the free spirits who were discovering this new way of experiencing psychedelic music on the dreamy shores of exotic Goan beaches.

His approach to music never has been the obvious one. He always chose to create instead of just reproducing formulas. His specific musical language makes him one of the best producers the scene ever had. His sets in were always known to take the dancefloor into higher levels of psychedelic perception within an organic atmosphere. And you know what?? We Have no doubts that his performance at ZNA will take us once again to these higher realms.

So, if you are one of those who long for his music legacy, look no further. At ZNA Gathering you will have the rare opportunity to enjoy all his timeless masterpieces that still echo in our hearts and minds after all these years.
To spice things up even more he will also present some rare secret gems he has been digging up in his stash even as we write this. All in order to transform this performance into something really unique and memorable. Specially considering that 2019 is gonna be a really special year for him as it will be his 30th as a musical producer in psychedelic trance. How cool and epic is that??

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