Juno Reactor


Some names echo trough time, and their mention brings shivers down the spine of any trance freak.
It's taken us a lifetime of waiting for the day we can announce this name on a line up.
They stand to this day as the most mythical, precious and transversal trance band of all.

From Baga Beach to Hollywood, stopping in all the best trance festivals and parties, their musical and visual train has marked the landscape of our scene.
Who can ever forget the first time they heard their music? Or the first time they saw and heard the sword fighting scene of the "Animatrix" movie?
Or the party in Zion in "The Matrix reloaded"?? Absolutely amazing...

Ben Watkins has been performing alone and with other musical geniuses such as Johann Bley, Mike Maguire, Stephane Holweck, Paul Jackson and more recently our dear friend Kris Kylven from UX.

It's true that Juno Reactor has been doing an amazing job by constantly changing its performances since this musical project was created back in 1990. You can actually feel all the inputs, mindset and musical language evolving as the band evolved towards different live performances. But there is one thing that stayed immaculate during all these years: Ben's vision and mastery in delivering many of the most timeless tunes this scene has ever witnessed.

Having Ben performing for ZNA Gathering is a dream come true. But even more exciting (if that's possible) is knowing that he is totally in sync with our vision, and promised to focus all his energy into building a journey to the roots of his groundbreaking work - one of the most valuable legacies in the trance scene. This means we shall expect a one-of-a-kind performance that'll balance between tribal soundscapes and his unique Goa Trance beats.
So let's enjoy, open our hearts and let out our best vibes - the shaman Juno Reactor is going to guide us on one of the biggest trance trips we've ever been in.


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